Why an SBOM needs the X factor

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Webinar Every US aggregation needs a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). It's been a authoritative and applicant claim anytime back the White House alien an Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity in May 2021.

The SBOM allows organizations to authenticate due diligence, traceability, and acquiescence with accordant regulations, abnormally back it comes to aegis and software licensing aspects. But while it provides a absolute account of all the software components, dependencies, and metadata associated with assorted applications, it alone provides a fractional appearance of commutual and ever-changing appliance advance surfaces.

So what abroad can be done to enhance and fine-tune the SBOM to accommodate added abundant afterimage of the software assets you own?

Join us for our webinar - Why You Need an XBOM: An eXtended Software Bill of Materials - on 28 November at 5pm GMT/12pm ET/8am PT to acquisition out. You'll apprentice what your SBOM is defective and how an XBOM can booty your appliance and accumulation alternation aegis affairs to the abutting level.

XBOMs body on top of SBOMS to accord you an all-embracing account of all your appliance and accumulation alternation components, associated risks, and how they change over time.

Sign up to acceptance the webinar here and we'll accelerate you a admonition back it's time to log in.

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