Why is your Duolingo app melting? Here’s why it looks weird

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The Duolingo app icon pinch a caller pouring design.Digital Trends

If you’re for illustration me, Duolingo is 1 of nan most-used apps connected your smartphone. From extending my streak to getting higher up connected nan leaderboard, it’s an app I predominant rather often connected immoderate fixed day. As such, it took maine by astonishment this greeting erstwhile I saw that my Duolingo app was melting. Where Duo’s cute, smiling look usually sits is now a melted type pinch his eyes and beak drooping down. It’s honestly benignant of terrifying.

Is this a Halloween-themed trend? Is nan app broken? Is Duo conscionable going done a unsmooth patch? Here’s what we cognize astir Duo’s new, melted appearance.

Why Duolingo is melting

The existent logic down nan pouring Duolingo app is really beautiful simple. After galore people started freaking out over Duo’s new, discombobulated look, a Duolingo spokesperson issued a connection to Distractify pinch nan pursuing explanation:

“The pouring Duo you spot is simply a caller app icon that learners will spot for a constricted time. If learners person nan latest type of nan Duolingo app downloaded, they should spot Melting Duo arsenic nan app icon. The intent of nan caller app icon is to promote learners to unfastened nan app.”

No, thing is incorrect pinch Duo. Everyone’s favourite net owl is perfectly happy and patient — he’s conscionable trying to get your attraction to unfastened nan app and drawback up connected your Spanish lessons.

How to get free of nan Duolingo pouring icon

Changing nan Duolingo app icon connected an iPhone.Digital Trends

As ingenious of a stunt arsenic nan pouring Duolingo icon is, there’s a chance not everyone will want to spot a half-melted owl connected their location screen. Luckily, location are a mates of ways to get free of it.

If you subscribe to Super Duolingo aliases Duoling Max, you tin get free of nan pouring Duolingo app and switch it pinch a Super aliases Max-themed 1 instead. From nan Duolingo app location screen, pat nan Duo icon astatine nan apical correct of nan screen, scroll down to Super App Icon or Max App Icon, and tap Turn On. This replaces nan pouring Duolingo app icon pinch nan Super aliases Max 1 (depending connected which rank you have).

Alternatively, if you’re a portion of Duolingo’s Streak Society, you tin alteration nan app icon this way, too. From nan Duolingo location screen, prime nan fire/streak icon adjacent nan apical of your screen, scroll down to nan Streak Society section, and take Change App Icon. If you get free of nan pouring Duolingo app but determine you want it back, pat nan aforesaid Change App Icon button and past tap Restore Original Icon.

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