Why this cheap folding phone from Motorola is a must buy

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A personification holding nan closed Motorola Razr 40.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Are you a spot saturated pinch your existent phone? Do you want thing much exciting, much futuristic, and much nosy — each without spending tons of money?

Until now, a wish database point for illustration this was improbable to beryllium realistic. But I precocious spent a fewer weeks pinch nan Motorola Razr (2023), and I want to explicate really it quickly became 1 of my favourite phones of nan year, really it meets nan criteria described above, and why you’d beryllium wise to prime 1 up soon.

Now’s nan clip to bargain a foldable

A personification opening nan Motorola Razr 40.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

When folding phones first arrived, they were very expensive; nan big-screen, flagship versions still are, which has apt made galore group disregard foldables arsenic being unobtainable aliases overpriced.

Well, those times are changing, arsenic nan Motorola Razr (2023) is simply a midrange folding telephone — and it has a midrange value to spell pinch nan specs. This puts it good wrong scope if you’re already considering a Samsung Galaxy A54 aliases a Nothing Phone 2, and it’s moreover cheaper than nan OnePlus 11 and nan Google Pixel 8.

But it’s nothing for illustration immoderate of these phones. The Motorola Razr (2023) is simply a compact folding phone, conscionable for illustration nan Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, but for almost half its $1,000 price. The Razr (2023) is presently connected connection for $599, a discount of $100 disconnected its normal unit price. Sure, nan Galaxy Z Flip 5 does person higher specifications, but if you a telephone that you tin fold up, past nan Razr (2023) will happily scratch that itch for a full batch little money than nan Z Flip 5.

At this price, nan Razr (2023) is really nan first folding telephone you tin see without reasoning you’re massively overspending connected a caller telephone conscionable for nan chance to fold it. Let maine show you, though — erstwhile you get one, you’ll find each nan folding and flipping doesn’t get old. We’ve been patiently waiting for a marque to shingle up foldables and thief propel them into nan mainstream, and Motorola is doing precisely that pinch nan Razr (2023). It joins Tecno arsenic 1 of nan cardinal brands moving difficult to bring exciting foldables to much group this year.

The Razr (2023) isn’t conscionable a inexpensive phone

A personification holding nan unfastened Motorola Razr 40.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Am I saying you should only see nan Razr 2023 because it’s rather cheap? No. When I reviewed, used, and really liked nan Razr (2023), nan U.S. value wasn’t moreover known. I reviewed its U.K. equivalent, called nan Razr 40 (which is nan same telephone pinch a different name), and it won maine over. Not because of nan price, but because nan flip telephone creation is fantastic, and nan telephone itself is really good.

All folding phones are breathtaking pieces of hardware, but I emotion compact folding phones because they’re truthful unbelievably convenient. They people a return to nan days erstwhile mobile phones were modestly sized, but without impacting expertise aliases forgoing modern tech. It’s 1 of nan main reasons I fell for nan 6.9-inch Razr (2023), arsenic it conscionable slips successful my pouch aliases container and I hardly cognize it’s location until I want it. It’s a immense advantage, and it’ll alteration nan measurement you deliberation astir phones pinch elephantine screens.

A personification taking nan Motorola Razr 40 retired of a pocket.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The debased value whitethorn make you wonderment if it has been made for illustration a inexpensive phone, particularly considering nan costs of specified high-tech hardware. No awesome corners person been trim pinch nan Razr, truthful this couldn’t beryllium further from nan truth. The textured rear sheet is wonderfully tactile and keeps nan telephone clean, arsenic it tin beryllium wiped down to region immoderate greasy prints. It comes successful immoderate cool colors, and though nan hinge isn’t rather arsenic refined arsenic that of nan Galaxy Z Flip 5, it has a acold superior consciousness and mobility to nan Motorola Razr (2022). Plus, it’ll always beryllium nosy to unfastened and adjacent a folding phone.

Midrange doesn’t mean mediocre capacity aliases that Motorola has made it dull, either. The Razr did everything I wanted, nan package is speedy and clean, and there’s nan cutest character called Moo surviving connected nan screen surface to springiness it character. Yes, character. It whitethorn sound silly, but Moo made nan Razr consciousness friendly, and that’s uncommon for immoderate portion of tech. The lack of an always-on surface irritates me, but I’ll forgive nan Razr erstwhile it manages to beryllium some friends and fun.

Good phone, bully price, what else?

A personification holding nan closed Motorola Razr 40.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

On nan surface, nan Motorola Razr (2023) is conscionable different bully telephone astatine a bully price, conscionable for illustration nan Google Pixel 8 is besides a bully telephone astatine a bully price. What makes nan Razr different and worthy your attraction is that it’s a compact folding telephone astatine a bully price. That helps region 1 of nan things I person ever suggested erstwhile talking astir this type of telephone successful nan past: that you request to effort 1 retired earlier buying.

The logic I’d show group this was that very fewer would return a consequence connected a telephone that costs $1,800, truthful you needed to find retired for yourself really transformative they tin be. The Razr (2023) isn’t nan meaning of a bargain, but it’s priced truthful sensibly that there’s very small “risk” involved. Compact foldables are conscionable arsenic usable arsenic likewise sized non-folding phones. but pinch a batch of added convenience. Now, you tin find retired for yourself without breaking nan bank.

I fell successful emotion pinch nan Motorola Razr (2023) not conscionable because it’s a bully phone, but besides because it has nan imaginable to present truthful galore group to nan joyousness of a modern, folding flip phone. At immoderate point, Motorola is going to put nan value up to $699, and that is going to make it a spot little tempting, truthful don’t miss retired connected this aureate opportunity to bask this fun, futuristic, characterful, and tin smartphone.

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