Will the Vision Pro replace the Mac? Why Apple will have to tread carefully

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The Vision Pro headset is assertive to be one of the best cogent articles Apple has alien in years, and it has the abeyant to barrage a new era of success for the company. But at the aforementioned time, there’s a accident that it could end up cannibalizing the Mac band by giving affluence of bodies article that could alter their computer altogether.

That agency Apple has got to be actual accurate with how it handles the Vision Pro. It no agnosticism wants as abounding bodies to buy it as possible, but it wants that to appear after accepting to cede sales of its added devices. How on apple is it activity to do that?

The Mac killer?

A developer credibility to a Mac awning while a Vision Pro rests on the desk.Apple

Right from the chat go, Apple has been active hyping the Vision Pro’s capabilities. The aggregation calls it a “spatial computer,” suggesting we charge to absolutely reimagine what a computer is in the aboriginal place. The product’s boundless $3,500 amount tag and affluence of high-end abstracts and technologies accord it an acutely exceptional feel, far above what we’ve apparent from alike the best VR headsets.

At the aforementioned time, Apple has claimed that the Vision Pro will be able to do a host of tasks you’d commonly accomplish with a laptop or desktop computer, from gaming and video calling to autograph abstracts and browsing photos.

To be clear, Apple didn’t absolutely put the Vision Pro and the Mac head-to-head during its acknowledge event, nor has it anytime said you can go advanced and canal your Mac. But the allegory is accessible if you attending at what both articles can do. And that’s acutely what Meta is aggravating to do with the Quest Pro.

The risk, then, is of users allurement why they charge to bother with a Mac. If the Vision Pro can do 99% of what a Mac can, why not aloof get the headset? Of course, things are a little added complicated than that.

The ‘buy them all’ ecosystem

Apple CEO Tim Cook continuing in advanced of four Vision Pro headsets.Apple

Apple is an ecosystem company, and that agency all of the accessories it makes fit altogether together. Like every added business, Apple wants you to buy as abounding of its articles as you can, but the way Apple has crafted its ecosystem makes that a abundant added appetizing anticipation than it is with abounding of its rivals, back aggregate clicks calm seamlessly.

If the Vision Pro lives up to its promises, it ability becloud the boundaries of those products. Sure, it’s expensive, but you can pump the latest MacBook Pro so abounding of account that it costs a whopping $7,199 — bifold the amount of the Vision Pro. If you’re able to absorb that abundant — and if the Vision Pro does aggregate the MacBook does and added — accepting a angle instead isn’t such a leap.

Yet, admitting the agnate abilities, it seems to me that Apple is aggravating actual adamantine to accomplish abiding you don’t abdicate the Mac for a Vision Pro, or carnality versa. To me, the appellation “spatial computer” implies article abstracted from a approved computer, and Apple has explained the means you can use the two articles together. In reality, they can do abounding of the aforementioned things, of course, but Apple doesn’t appetite you to canal one for the added aloof because of that annoying fact. It wants you to see them as complementary.

Remember back Apple said the iPad can alter a PC? The aggregation hasn’t done that with the Vision Pro, and I anticipate that’s artlessly because it wants you to buy a Vision Pro and a Mac. And appropriate now, there are some actual able affidavit why you ability not appetite to canal your Mac for a angle anyway.

Deliberate positioning

Apple Vision Pro actuality beat by a being while application a keyboard.Apple

As things stand, the Vision Pro can alone absolutely alter a Mac in theory, and alike then, alone in assertive bound scenarios. If you appetite to watch movies, assignment with assorted displays, or conduct video calls, again it ability accomplish faculty on the surface. But would you pay $3,500 aloof to do that? A bargain MacBook would be aloof as capable.

And what about if you cede videos? Or comedy the best Mac games with a abrasion and keyboard? Or assignment with data-heavy algebraic models? In those cases (and abounding more), affairs you’re activity to charge a Mac.

Apple has additionally absitively to barrage its high-end, high-price angle aboriginal while befitting the rumored cheaper model aback for addition time. That could be a actual advised artifice to ensure the Vision Pro doesn’t appulse Mac sales too heavily by establishing it as a exceptional accessory way aloft what best Macs cost. After all, you can buy a Mac mini for $599 — you can’t say that about the Vision Pro. When the cheaper angle launches, though, that adverse could be abundant harder to enforce.

I’ve got no agnosticism that the Vision Pro is activity to be an absurd device, and maybe it could alter a Mac for for some people. But if Apple is activity to about-face it into the company’s abutting big thing, it’ll accept to argue a lot of bodies that it’s not alone bigger than their absolute tech, but can alter it entirely. Based on what we’ve apparent so far, that’s absurd to appear until the cheaper Vision Pro sees the ablaze of day.

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