Windows 10 KB5031445 preview update fixes ctfmon.exe memory leak, 9 issues

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Windows 10

Microsoft has released nan optional KB5031445 Preview cumulative update for Windows 10 22H2 pinch 9 improvements aliases fixes, including a hole for a representation leak successful ctfmon.exe.

The KB5031445 cumulative update preview is portion of Microsoft's "optional non-security preview updates" schedule, which are typically released connected nan 4th Tuesday of each month. This update allows Windows admins to trial upcoming fixes and features that will beryllium released successful nan upcoming November Patch Tuesday.

Unlike Patch Tuesday cumulative updates, nan preview updates do not see information updates. 

Windows users tin instal this update by going into Settings, clicking on Windows Update, and manually performing a 'Check for Updates.'

As this is an optional update, you will beryllium asked whether you wish to instal it by clicking nan 'Download and install' link, arsenic shown successful nan image below.

Windows 10 KB5031445 cumulative update previewWindows 10 KB5031445 cumulative update preview
Source: BleepingComputer

After installing this update, Windows 10 22H2 will beryllium updated to build 19045.3636.

Windows 10 users tin besides manually download and instal nan KB5031445 preview update from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

What's caller successful Windows 10 KB5031445

Microsoft has not added immoderate caller features successful this release, and nan update acts arsenic a bug for Windows 10, resolving 9 issues.

The 3 highlighted fixes and caller features successful nan KB5029331 update are:

  • Addresses an rumor that affects touchscreens
  • Supports daylight redeeming clip (DST) changes successful Syria
  • This update addresses a representation leak successful ctfmon.exe

The only known rumor successful this update causes BitLocker errors:

"Using the FixedDrivesEncryptionType or SystemDrivesEncryptionType policy settings successful the BitLocker configuration work supplier (CSP) node successful mobile instrumentality guidance (MDM) apps mightiness incorrectly show a 65000 correction successful nan "Require Device Encryption" mounting for immoderate devices successful your environment," explains nan merchandise notes.

"Affected environments are those pinch nan "Enforce thrust encryption type connected operating strategy drives" aliases "Enforce thrust encryption connected fixed drives" policies group to enabled and selecting either "full encryption" aliases 'used abstraction only'."

"Microsoft Intune is affected by this rumor but third-party MDMs mightiness besides pe affected."

Microsoft says this is only a reporting issue, not a BitLocker thrust encryption problem. Redmond says they are moving connected a hole and will merchandise it erstwhile it's ready.

A complete database of fixes tin beryllium recovered successful the KB5031445 support bulletin.