Windows 11 23H2 is a Teams effort but Microsoft already spoiled the best bits

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The adjacent awesome Windows 11 update has lurched into nan light, containing a fewer caller enhancements arsenic good arsenic different features that person trickled retired of Redmond complete nan past period aliases so.

23H2 was expected to beryllium a large merchandise for Microsoft's flagship operating system. However, acknowledgment to nan institution deciding to emit galore of nan features early, nan large infinitesimal is simply a somewhat damp squib. That said, moreover users who opted to person nan antecedently announced functionality up of clip will person recovered respective changes, nan astir visible of which is nan switching retired of Chat for a freebie type of Microsoft Teams.

Chat was an oddball summation to Windows 11 erstwhile it made its debut conscionable complete 2 years ago. It was still Teams, but pinch a friends and family attraction it was aimed astatine consumers and required a individual Microsoft account.

On activity aliases schoolhouse machines, users could find themselves successful nan somewhat confusing position of having a brace of Teams links connected nan taskbar.

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With 23H2, Chat is gone, replaced by what Microsoft described arsenic "a recently refreshed communications experience" replete pinch nan expertise to way down contacts already connected Teams via nan "People experience."

A cynic mightiness constituent retired that Microsoft had a perfectly acceptable and wide utilized messaging and calling level successful Skype, earlier nan institution trashed updated it, but Teams is each nan rage nowadays.

Other changes introduced successful Windows 11 23H2 see adding a "system" explanation for Windows strategy components successful nan Start Menu and a circumstantial page for managing nan components successful Settings.

While galore of nan 23H2 features – for example, Start Menu tweaks – person already turned up, flagship functionality successful nan shape of nan Copilot preview is still rolling out, and immoderate markets will beryllium spared nan adjunct for nan clip being.

Unsurprisingly, location are besides immoderate issues successful nan update. The preview of Copilot successful Windows is not happy pinch multi-monitor setups truthful could beryllium disabled, and nan adjunct mightiness besides struggle pinch third-party wallpaper apps. ®