Windows 11 23H2 - New features in the Windows 11 2023 Update

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Windows 11

Windows 11 23H2 is now retired and it comes pinch tons of caller features.

This article will research Windows 11 23H2 features, from move lighting to Windows Copilot upgrades.

Windows Copilot

Microsoft has unveiled nan Windows Copilot, nan first AI adjunct unified wrong a PC platform.

This ground-breaking characteristic amalgamates Bing Chat and further plugins to assistance users successful various tasks via nan Copilot sidebar. This awesome displacement represents a caller era successful PC use, pinch nan AI adjunct fresh to guideline users passim their integer tasks.

Activating Windows Copilot is simply a straightforward process, conveniently located connected nan taskbar. The sidebar is coming crossed each windows, programs, and apps, ensuring accordant assistance.

CopilotWindows Copilot successful action

This integrated AI adjunct enables users to streamline operations, interact pinch preferred applications, personalize settings, and execute actions much intuitively.

Windows Copilot enhances features specified arsenic Snap Assist, copy/paste, Snipping Tool, and personalization. It adds a inferior layer; for instance, Copilot tin rewrite, summarize, aliases explicate contented copied and pasted by users.

Thanks to nan Bing Chat integration, nan innovative characteristic tin reply a divers scope of inquiries. Whether elemental tasks for illustration checking nan section clip successful Cyprus aliases analyzable ones specified arsenic readying a trip, including uncovering flights and accommodations, Windows Copilot is designed to assistance successful all.

While nan operation of Bing and ChatGPT plugins successful Windows Copilot signals a caller frontier successful AI capabilities, nan first preview has not met nan expectations.

CopilotCopilot and apps integration

Despite promising features for illustration easy switching to acheronian mode, nan AI integration feels much for illustration a web wrapper than a autochthonal characteristic of Windows 11. The acquisition is much akin to moving wrong Microsoft Edge than a afloat integrated portion of nan operating system.

Notably, Windows Copilot tends to misunderstand nan user's intent. For example, erstwhile asked to move disconnected ray mode while already successful acheronian mode, Copilot would hunt nan query connected and supply instructions alternatively of comprehending nan user's request.

Further, Windows Copilot's capacity tin beryllium sluggish.

The adjunct tends to hold while searching nan web and executing actions, starring to a less-than-optimal personification experience. Since nan existent type of Copilot relies heavy connected net connectivity, users whitethorn look issues pinch responsiveness and seamless integration, particularly erstwhile nan net relationship is slow aliases unavailable.

The existent shape of Windows Copilot, which fundamentally operates arsenic a web wrapper, fails to supply a seamless blend pinch nan remainder of nan operating system.

Native integration of Windows Copilot, coded straight into Windows 11, could supply a solution.

Such an upgrade would guarantee much integration pinch nan OS, perchance offering users a much reliable, responsive, and robust AI adjunct experience.

As Microsoft continues to innovate and refine nan platform, Windows Copilot's shortcomings coming a situation to flooded and a stepping chromatic towards a much seamless and precocious AI-integrated OS.

A Modernized File Explorer Experience

The revamped File Explorer, powered by Windows App SDK and designed pinch WinUI, presents a modernized location interface. Here, recommended files for Azure Active Directory (AAD) users are showcased successful a carousel, pinch thumbnail support arriving soon.

Quick Access folders, Favorites, and Recent sections besides use from a refreshed WinUI-based look.

The caller reside barroom differentiates betwixt section and unreality folders and features integrated position icons. For OneDrive users, sync position and quota flyouts are now readily visible connected nan reside bar.

ExplorerNew File Explorer pinch Gallery View

Microsoft is besides introducing a revamped specifications pane successful File Explorer (accessible via ALT + Shift + P).

It is designed to show applicable record accusation and let collaboration without nan request to unfastened files. When a record is selected and nan pane enabled, users will spot a thumbnail, stock status, activity, related files and e-mails, and more. The caller pane tin beryllium toggled connected aliases disconnected via nan View paper and an accessible fastener connected nan bid bar.

FEEDBACK: For feedback, record successful Feedback Hub (WIN + F) nether Files, Folders, and Online Storage > File Explorer.

Dynamic Lighting for Windows Users and Developers

Dynamic Lighting provides users and developers pinch autochthonal power of lighting devices implementing nan unfastened HID LampArray standard.

This move towards an unfastened modular is designed to heighten nan RGB instrumentality and package ecosystem by expanding nan interoperability of devices and apps. The caller characteristic besides includes APIs for Windows apps to power devices from nan foreground aliases inheritance and a civilization settings page for users.

Major instrumentality manufacturers for illustration Acer, ASUS, HP, HyperX, Logitech, Razer, and Twinkly person collaborated pinch Microsoft connected this project. A database of presently compatible devices tin beryllium recovered connected nan Dynamic Lighting Hardware MS Learn page.

To configure a HID LampArray device, navigate to nan caller Dynamic Lighting page successful Settings > Personalization > Dynamic Lighting.

FEEDBACK: For feedback, record successful Feedback Hub (WIN + F) nether Devices and Drivers > Lighting.

Windows Ink Enhancements

The updated Windows Ink allows users to alteration inking straight onto edit fields, importantly improving nan nickname exertion and scratch retired motion for erstwhile users request to make edits.

The purpose is to fto users handwrite anyplace they tin type connected their Windows device.

At present, these improvements only support English (U.S.), but further connection support is forthcoming. This acquisition tin beryllium managed via Settings > Bluetooth and devices > Pen and Windows Ink nether "Shell Handwriting".

FEEDBACK: For feedback, record successful Feedback Hub (WIN + F) nether Input and Language > Pen input.

Enhanced Volume Mixer successful Quick Settings

Windows 11 23H2 introduces a caller enhanced measurement mixer successful Quick Settings, allowing speedy customization of audio connected a per-app ground and instrumentality swapping connected nan go.

A caller keyboard shortcut (WIN + CTRL + V) provides faster entree to nan measurement mixer. It besides includes a speedy entree database of installed spatial sound exertion and suggests further options for illustration Dolby and DTS from nan Microsoft Store.

Volume MixerVolume Mixer

FEEDBACK: For feedback, record successful Feedback Hub (WIN + F) nether Desktop Environment > Quick Settings.

Revamped Windows Spotlight Experience

The upgraded Windows Spotlight offers a much immersive acquisition pinch preview images, full-screen views, and aggregate opportunities to study much astir each image.

Users tin activate it by right-clicking nan Spotlight icon connected nan desktop aliases by choosing nan caller Spotlight taxable successful nan "Personalize your background" dropdown successful Settings > Personalization > Background.

FEEDBACK: For feedback, record successful Feedback Hub (WIN + F) nether Desktop Environment > Windows Spotlight.

Striving for a Passwordless Future

Microsoft is connected a ngo to make passwords a point of nan past. The institution is rolling retired improved passkey experiences, wherever you tin create and motion successful utilizing passkeys pinch nan Windows Hello autochthonal acquisition for immoderate app aliases website that supports them.

Windows 11 besides allows you to negociate passkeys saved to your Windows device, giving you power to position and delete immoderate passkey from nan device.

FEEDBACK: For feedback, record successful Feedback Hub (WIN + F) nether Security and Privacy > Passkey.

Warnings for Unsafe Password Copy and Paste

Starting pinch Windows 11, type 22H2, Enhanced Phishing Protection successful Microsoft Defender SmartScreen protects schoolhouse aliases activity passwords against phishing and unsafe usage connected sites and apps.

Users who person enabled informing options for Windows Security will now person a informing erstwhile performing an unsafe password transcript and paste operation.

FEEDBACK: For feedback, record successful Feedback Hub (WIN + F) nether Security and Privacy > Microsoft.

Narrator Natural Voices

The latest update introduces caller earthy voices for Narrator users successful various languages including Chinese, Spanish (Spain and Mexico), Japanese and English (United Kingdom). These modern, on-device text-to-speech earthy voices supply a soft and convenient browsing, reading, and penning experience.

The champion part? They are disposable offline erstwhile downloaded.

To usage these earthy voices:

  1. Access Narrator Settings pinch WIN + Ctrl + N.
  2. Select nan Add fastener nether Narrator’s sound adjacent to Add earthy voices.
  3. Choose nan sound to install. Installation of each voices is permissible but should beryllium done 1 astatine a time.
  4. For Chinese, you person Microsoft Xiaoxiao (Female) and Microsoft Yunxi (Male). Spanish (Spain) features Microsoft Elvira (Female) and Microsoft Alvaro (Male), while Spanish (Mexico) offers Microsoft Dalia (Female) and Microsoft Jorge (Male). Japanese users tin use Microsoft Nanami(Female) and Microsoft Keita (Male), and English (United Kingdom) presents Microsoft Sonia(Female) and Microsoft Ryan (Male).
  5. To statesman downloading, deed Install. The caller sound should beryllium fresh to usage successful minutes, taxable to net download speed.
  6. Once downloaded, prime your caller sound from nan drop-down successful Narrator settings nether Narrator’s sound > Choose a voice.

Remember, if your show connection does not lucifer immoderate of nan languages above, measurement 3 will require you to prime "Choose a different language" first.

Submit immoderate feedback nether Accessibility > Narrator successful nan Feedback Hub (Win + F).

Local File Sharing Improvements

Windows has revamped section record sharing pinch notable improvements to nan Windows stock model and adjacent sharing. Updates include:

  1. A caller Windows stock model creation successful statement pinch Windows 11 principles.
  2. An integrated Outlook action for emailing files straight from nan Windows stock window. This is accessible nether nan "Share using" section.
  3. A hunt container successful nan Windows stock model for searching contacts crossed Outlook.
  4. Up to 10 suggested contacts for speedy record sharing.
  5. A caller fastener for activating adjacent sharing.
  6. Your ain PCs are astatine nan apical of nan database nether "Nearby Share".
  7. Faster record sharing betwixt PCs via Wi-Fi Direct.

These experiences use to sharing section files from various apps that usage nan built-in Windows stock window.

For feedback, caput to nan Feedback Hub (WIN + F) and look nether Desktop Environment > Share for nan Windows stock model and Desktop Environment > Nearby Sharing for adjacent sharing.

Changes and Improvements successful Windows 11 23H2

  • Alerts for detected camera streaming issues, pinch recommendations to motorboat nan Get Help troubleshooter.
  • Important aliases urgent notifications show a "view notification" fastener for privateness erstwhile utilizing full-screen apps.
  • Never mixed mode for nan taskbar successful Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar behaviours (not afloat functional yet). With this caller feature, you tin move disconnected ne'er mixed and spot labels for apps.
  • Task ending action erstwhile right-clicking an app connected nan taskbar, managed nether Settings > System > For developers.
  • Introduction of Unicode Emoji 15 to Windows Insiders successful nan Beta Channel. This update includes caller hearts, animals, and a smiley face.
  • Labels and sliding animations erstwhile switching betwixt desktops successful Task View.
  • Accessibility flyout connected nan Lock screen.
  • Energy-saving proposal for adjusting refresh complaint successful Settings > System > Power & artillery > Energy recommendations.
  • Updated creation for lists nether Settings > Apps > Startup Apps and Settings > Apps > Advanced App Settings > App Execution Alias.

If you wish to effort nan update today, cheque for updates to get started.