Windows 11 24H2 is coming so we can all shut up about Windows 12 for another year

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Industry chatter complete nan destiny of nan Windows 11 marque successful 2024 is again rising successful measurement pursuing nan find that a Windows 11 24H2 installation is astir decidedly connected nan way.

2024 is group to beryllium a large 12 months for Microsoft's flagship OS. By nan extremity of it, Windows 10 will person little than a twelvemonth earlier support is pulled for each but those capable to pay. Windows 11 has yet to surpass its predecessor successful position of market share and Microsoft is packing it pinch AI tools.

The presence of Windows 12 has been expected by some, fixed nan magnitude of work that has passed for Windows 11. However, judging by method documents unearthed by WindowsLatest, it looks for illustration location will beryllium astatine slightest 1 much hurrah for Windows 11 earlier nan operating strategy moves to maintenance, and thing pinch a little toxic marque takes halfway stage.

Lurking wrong a support document for nan Process Status API header is simply a reference to nan EnumDeviceDrivers function. Venture into documentation, and a paragraph tells developers what to expect from Windows 11 Version 24H2.

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Unless Microsoft opts to alteration nan wording, it appears that Windows 11 24H2 is happening, though location is nary denotation of what shape nan branding mightiness take. We've seen immoderate OEMs starting to usage nomenclature on nan lines of "Windows 11 2024 Update."

While location was a play anterior to nan merchandise of Windows 11 erstwhile nan operating strategy identified itself arsenic Windows 10, nan find of 24H2 makes nan merchandise of Windows 12 successful 2024 look little likely.

Windows 10 will proceed to beryllium supported until 2025, aft which extended support tin beryllium purchased for a comparatively hefty fee.

Once Windows 10 has near nan building and Windows 11 24H2 has demonstrated why users should bargain caller hardware to return advantage of each that AI wizardry, nan way will beryllium clear for Windows 12. ®