Windows 11 KB5031455 preview update enables Moment 4 features by default

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Windows 11

Microsoft has released nan optional KB5031455 Preview cumulative update for Windows 11 22H2, which enables 72 caller Moment 4 features by default and fixes 22 issues.

The KB5031455 cumulative update preview is portion of Microsoft's "optional non-security preview updates" schedule, released connected nan 4th week of each month.

This update allows Windows admins to trial upcoming fixes and features that will beryllium released successful adjacent month's November Patch Tuesday. However, dissimilar Patch Tuesday cumulative updates, these preview updates do not see information updates. 

Windows users tin instal this update by going into Settings, clicking on Windows Update, and manually performing a 'Check for Updates.'

As this is an optional update, you will beryllium asked whether you wish to instal it by clicking nan 'Download and install' link, arsenic shown successful nan image below.

Windows 11 KB5031445 cumulative update previewWindows 11 KB5031455 cumulative update preview
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After installing this update, Windows 11 22H2 will beryllium updated to build 22621.2506.

Windows 11 users tin besides manually download and instal nan KB5031455 preview update from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

New Moment 4 features for everyone

With nan merchandise of nan KB5031455 update, Microsoft has now enabled each of its Moment 4 features by default, bringing seventy-two caller features to Windows 11.

These caller features are not insignificant tweaks but bring important changes and customization to nan operating strategy that we usually spot done a Windows characteristic update.

However, Microsoft has switched to a "continuous innovation" Windows strategy that rolls retired caller features arsenic they are fresh alternatively than waiting to beryllium installed via characteristic updates. This caller strategy allows nan institution to quickly merchandise features passim nan twelvemonth alternatively than during scheduled patching periods.

There are excessively galore caller features to database individually, but beneath are immoderate of nan highlighted ones:

  • Microsoft's AI-powered Copilot for Windows is now enabled for preview.
  • Microsoft yet brings nan "Never Combine" characteristic to nan Windows 11 taskbar. However, this characteristic still prevents you from turning disconnected Windows titles, making it useless for many.
  • Microsoft besides brought nan enhanced measurement mixer to Quick Settings and nan expertise to hide nan clip connected nan taskbar.
  • The Windows 11 File Explorer has been overhauled pinch a caller modern experience, a caller Photo Gallery feature, and amended integration pinch Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Microsoft now has autochthonal support for a assortment of record archive formats, including .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.zst, .tar.xz, .tgz, .tbz2, .tzst, .txz, .rar, and .7z files. However, Windows does not support password-protected archives for these formats.
  • New Windows Share features, including support for emailing shared items done Microsoft Outlook.
  • Microsoft has added a caller Microsoft Backup app that brings each of nan operating system's backup functions into a azygous interface.
  • Windows 11 now has a built-in Passkey Manager that allows you to prevention passkeys generated connected websites for passwordless logins.
  • Windows 11 now has an Auto Color Management (ACM) characteristic for Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) displays. 
  • New Settings pages for various features, including Bluetooth, Developers, Energy Recommendations, and Dynamic Lighting. Microsoft besides changed galore different Settings pages to make configuration options much intuitive.
  • Windows 365 Switch is here, allowing users of nan virtual PC work to move betwixt their desktops and nan distant PC seamlessly.

The only known rumor successful this update is related to BitLocker, which is reporting a 65000 correction successful nan "Require Device Encryption" setting.

Microsoft says this is only a reporting rumor and does not impact thrust encryption. The institution plans connected fixing it successful a early update.

A complete database of fixes tin beryllium recovered successful the KB5031455 support bulletin.