Windows 11 KB5033375 update released with upgraded Copilot AI-assistant

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Windows Update

Microsoft has published a caller update for Windows 11 versions 23H2 and 22H2 (KB5033375) to hole information vulnerabilities and amended Copilot.

Windows 11's December 2023 Update advances to Build 22631.2861 and adds new features for illustration Copilot for aggregate displays and Alt-Tab.

Windows 11

You tin drawback nan Patch by going to Start Settings > Windows Update and clicking on 'Check for Updates.' 

What's caller successful December 2023 update

Microsoft is improving Copilot successful Windows pinch support for aggregate displays and Alt-Tab. Starting pinch nan December patch, you tin unfastened Copilot successful Windows across aggregate displays or where you want Copilot successful Windows to appear.

Another caller characteristic is Alt+Tab support for Copilot. When you property Alt+Tab, nan thumbnail preview for Copilot successful Windows appears among different thumbnail previews of unfastened windows. You tin move betwixt them utilizing nan Tab keystroke.

Similarly, Microsoft says it will enable Windows Spotlight to beryllium nan default inheritance successful nan coming weeks. However, this mightiness hap erstwhile your inheritance is group to an inbox Windows image.

According to nan release notes, location are up to 36 key fixes, including:

  • This update improves really accelerated Copilot successful Windows (in preview) opens from nan taskbar.

  • This update addresses an rumor that affects nan Copilot successful Windows (in preview) icon connected nan taskbar. It does not show arsenic progressive erstwhile Copilot successful Windows is open.

  • This update addresses an rumor that causes IE mode to extremity responding. This occurs if you property nan near arrow cardinal erstwhile an quiet matter container has nan attraction and caret (cursor) browsing is on.

  • This update addresses an rumor that causes IE mode to extremity responding. This occurs erstwhile you person aggregate IE mode tabs open.

  • This update affects Dynamic Lighting. It reduces nan magnitude of powerfulness it uses connected your device.

Regarding known issues, Microsoft confirmed it's still investigating an issue where nan colour font format for COLRv1 does not render correctly. Another bug causes issues pinch desktop icons moving betwixt nan monitors automatically.

After installing nan KB5033375 update, Windows 11 23H2 will beryllium build 22631.2792, and Windows 11 22H2 will beryllium build 22621.2792.