Windows 11 Notepad gets a built-in character counter, finally

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Windows 11

Microsoft keeps convalescent and abacus added appearance to the Windows 11 Notepad application, the latest actuality a built-in appearance counter.

Until now, users who bare a quick way to calculation characters in a argument book accept been affected to use third-party alternatives such as Notepad2 or Notepad++.

Starting with Notepad adaptation 11.2311.29.0, which is rolling out today to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels, Microsoft assuredly gave in and added a appearance adverse to Notepad's cachet bar.

"When argument is selected, the cachet bar shows the appearance calculation for both the called argument and the absolute document," Microsoft said.

"If no argument is selected, the appearance calculation for the absolute certificate is displayed, ensuring you consistently accept a bright appearance of your document's length."

Redmond has additionally added an "Edit with Notepad" access to the File Explorer ambience card that allows bound aperture and alteration any book application the Notepad argument editor.

Notepad appearance counterNotepad appearance adverse (Microsoft)

Microsoft formed out a redesigned Notepad for Windows 11 in December 2021 to all Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel afterwards first affliction the new app design in June 2021.

The overhauled argument editor now appearance a aphotic affair and multi-level undo, two of the best requested Notepad features.

Earlier this year, Notepad was additionally adapted with abutment for tabs and some improvements for managing unsaved files, like a complete unsaved changes indicator.

With today's Canary build, Redmond additionally started testing a new way to "undock" the Windows Copilot AI abettor to accomplish it easier to acceptance while alive on a active desktop with added apps' windows.

It additionally added new widgets axle settings that acquiesce users to accept which feeds appear on the widgets board.

New Windows 11 widgets axle settingsNew Windows 11 widgets axle settings (Microsoft)

Today, the aggregation additionally alien Server flights starting with today's Windows Server Preview Build 26010 in the Canary Channel.

To set up Windows Server flighting, you charge go to Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program to accept your accessory in the Windows Insider program.

"Flighting will alone be accessible for the Canary Channel and flights for Server will activate in aboriginal 2024 so you won't accept any new builds until then," Microsoft said.

"Our ambition is to flight the aforementioned builds as applicant (desktop) for Server flights but the agenda in which we absolution Server flights ability alter hardly (for archetype – Server releases bi-weekly). Flighting for Server alone applies to the Desktop Experience only."