Windows 11 will use AI to automatically upscale games

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A screenshot from nan Windows 11 24H2 build.PhantomOcean3

Microsoft appears to person decided to jump connected nan upscaling train successful a large way. The latest Windows 11 24H2 Insider build conscionable showed up, sporting a caller feature: AI-powered automatic ace solution tech. While nan blurb underneath nan characteristic indicates that it was made for games, it mightiness beryllium moreover much useful extracurricular of them. However, there’s a awesome downside — it won’t beryllium arsenic wide disposable arsenic it whitethorn seem.

The characteristic was first spotted by PhantomOcean3 connected X (formerly Twitter), and it was rather a important find, considering that Microsoft is apparently keeping this 1 beautiful good hidden. To alteration it, users person to spell done nan pursuing path: Settings > System > Display > Graphics. While it’s possibly not very intuitive to find, nan characteristic itself could move retired to beryllium rather promising.

The alleged “Auto SR” tin beryllium enabled crossed nan committee aliases only successful definite apps. One of nan screenshots shared by PhantomOcean3 shows it being enabled successful Microsoft’s Camera app. It’s easy to ideate that utilizing Auto SR wrong these types of apps will beryllium to beryllium much useful than utilizing it to upscale AAA games.

Version 24H2 will person an AI "Super Resolution" feature, arsenic erstwhile reports mentioned. Here are immoderate settings for it successful Graphics settings – a default toggle and per-app options. (26052)

— PhantomOcean3 ☃️ (@PhantomOfEarth) February 10, 2024

Upscaling has go a large woody successful gaming, but astir modern games already characteristic immoderate type of ace solution tech, beryllium it Nvidia’s DLSS, AMD’s FSR, aliases Intel’s XeSS. However, Microsoft’s caller solution could beryllium adjuvant successful apps for illustration media players aliases browsers, not to mention older games that will apt ne'er person support for DLSS aliases FSR.

The caller tech will require a GPU pinch tensor cores, meaning 1 of Nvidia’s top GPUs from nan RTX 20 bid aliases later. Alternatively, a processor pinch NPU cores tin beryllium used, for illustration nan caller Intel Meteor Lake aliases nan upcoming Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake CPUs.

Seeing arsenic nan hardware required to tally Microsoft’s Auto SR is each rather new, nan imaginable for utilizing it successful gaming scenarios is limited. Most group utilizing Auto SR will besides person entree to, presumably, amended upscaling tech from GPU vendors. However, Auto SR whitethorn move retired to beryllium useful arsenic a characteristic that affects astir apps without needing to trust connected Nvidia’s RTX Video aliases AMD’s FSR.

The Windows 11 24H2 build is said to travel retired later this year. While galore expected this awesome update to beryllium called Windows 12, Microsoft has precocious confirmed that we’re getting a spot to Windows 11 arsenic opposed to a full caller operating system. We’ll person to hold and spot whether Auto SR makes it into nan last update.

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