Windows August update plays Blue Screen bingo – and MSI boards got the winning ticket

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There's bully news for those suffering from a dreaded UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR Blue Screen Of Death surface pursuing nan installation of August's Windows update.

The correction information was knowledgeable by some users pursuing nan installation of either nan KB5029351 and KB5029332 Windows 11 updates aliases nan KB5029331 Windows 10 update, according to hardware shaper MSI.

The motherboard biz softly released a BIOS update aimed astatine users of nan MSI's Intel 700 and 600 bid motherboards, paired pinch Intel's 13th-gen Core i9 chips, which will extremity nan objection being thrown.

At nan bosom of nan matter was a microcode update precocious issued by Intel to hardware makers including MSI, which past distributed that microcode to users successful nan shape of BIOS updates. That microcode-BIOS update fought pinch Microsoft's OS update, starring to nan BSODs. Now Intel has tweaked its microcode and handed it to MSI and others to administer truthful that nan Windows patches nary longer break, hence nan latest BIOS update from MSI.

The processor shaper noted this week:

If you person immoderate of nan affected Intel processors, sloppy of your motherboard maker, you should cheque to spot if a BIOS update is disposable to instal to debar immoderate akin trouble.

Microsoft admitted it was alert of nan BSOD crashes soon aft it emitted its updates. Some Windows users recovered their PCs tripping into a Blue Screen Of Death pursuing installation.

The Windows elephantine said it was looking into nan issue, and later said nan problem was not caused by immoderate bugs aliases faults successful its code. Instead, it was a screw-up constricted to a circumstantial subset of processors and hardware. As such, nan Windows elephantine pulled nan update for customers utilizing nan affected kit.

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Those unlucky capable to already acquisition nan BSOD recovered Windows was usually capable to retrieve and rotation backmost nan patch.

At nan clip of writing, Microsoft has not revised its archiving to bespeak nan readiness of nan BIOS update.

MSI confirmed it was looking into nan rumor aft it was reported, and yesterday issued a BIOS upgrade that it said would resoluteness nan problem.

It blamed a firmware-level rumor pinch Intel's silicon, and said nan hole would see nan updated microcode, "which will forestall immoderate much messages regarding nan 'UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR' issues." However, it did not spell into immoderate further item regarding why nan August Windows update knowledgeable nan problem.

It is wholly imaginable nan rumor was nan consequence of Microsoft tightening up nan processor checks wrong Windows and nan microcode and/or BIOS reporting thing that nan operating strategy was not expecting, nan consequence being nan BSOD. We've asked Microsoft and MSI for much accusation and will update this portion if we get a response.

In nan meantime, MSI said it planned to make nan updates disposable for nan Intel 700 and 600 bid this week. It said: "All BIOS merchandise [sic] will beryllium disposable by nan extremity of September." ®

Editor's note: This article was updated to see much accusation nonstop from Intel astir nan BIOS-microcode-level issue.