Windows File Explorer gets nostalgic speed boost thanks to one weird bug

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An utilization for a bug successful Windows appears to summation nan capacity of File Explorer successful Microsoft's flagship operating system.

While reports of bugs successful Windows seldom raise an eyebrow nowadays, 1 that really appears to amended nan acquisition for users – aliases reminds them of nan days earlier nan operating strategy became bloated pinch gewgaws and gadgets – is notable indeed.

Spotted complete nan play by Xitter personification @VivyVCCS, nan hack is triggered by a swift jab of nan F11 cardinal to move File Explorer successful and retired of full-screen mode. According to nan station – and judging by nan embedded video – load capacity is improved markedly.

The Register asked Microsoft to remark connected nan hack, but nan institution has yet to formulate a response. In nan meantime, we tried it connected Windows 10 and 11 boxes. There wasn't overmuch quality connected Windows 10, though redraw times betwixt folders and drives were noticeably improved pinch Windows 11.

Then again, it was Windows 11 moving connected nan Windows Dev Kit 2023. Any capacity betterment complete that hardware's wading-through-treacle acquisition would beryllium very noticeable.

The personification who published nan bug noted problems pinch nan navbar aft triggering. However, we'd reason that nan velocity summation is astir apt worthy nan imaginable annoyance.

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Both our Windows 11 instrumentality and nan user's are moving build 25941 of Windows 11. This is simply a Canary Channel build released past week and truthful very overmuch astatine nan bleeding edge.

Microsoft does not ever item what has changed successful Canary Channel builds unless location is simply a caller feature. "Making File Explorer little sluggish" intelligibly doesn't count. However, nan Windows squad has been poking done nan codification to woody pinch motorboat reliability and fixing issues astir nan File Explorer discourse paper and bid barroom dropdowns.

The package behemoth has yet to stock its plans concerning nan bug, and we ideate it will beryllium softly fixed successful a early operating strategy build. Hopefully astatine nan aforesaid clip arsenic adding a spot of capacity backmost into nan tool.

In nan meantime, users getting nostalgic flashbacks from a not-so-slow File Explorer could do worse than skip backmost 5 years to erstwhile Microsoft released nan root codification for nan original File Manager.

Sure, location is simply a chopped deficiency of bells and whistles. But sometimes a speedier File Explorer conscionable won't trim it for Windows users seeking simpler times. ®