Wireless earbuds case won’t charge wirelessly? Try this fix

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Simon Cohen

By Simon Cohen November 25, 2023 12:00PM

Master & Dynamic MW09 case charging wirelessly.Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

The accession of wireless charging to wireless earbuds has been a huge accessibility for a lot of folks. After all, if you’ve already got a few wireless charging pads set up about your home or appointment for your phone, why not bung your buds’ charging case on there back they charge a boost?

The agitation is, sometimes it aloof doesn’t work.

Check the alignment

Pixel Buds Pro case charging wirelessly.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

The easiest and best accessible affair to analysis back this happens is the alignment. Wireless charging pads and wirelessly charging accessories can be abundantly captious about how you put them together. In some cases, if you’re alike off by a division of an inch, it can anticipate ability from flowing.

It’s no abstract that Apple invented MagSafe charging; the magnets anchored in both the charger and the accessory actuality answerable ensure a absolute alignment every time. (Apple, of course, wasn’t the aboriginal to accommodate magnets in this array of thing.)

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It’s additionally no accompaniment that Apple added a tiny apostle to the charging case of the AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Pro 2 USB-C. Whether you’re application a MagSafe charger or not, the case will afford a blessed little bell back it begins charging — one added arresting that you got the alignment right.

If you’re assured that the alignment is actual and your earbuds case still won’t appearance you a charging LED (or afford a chime), it’s accessible that your case’s centralized array is so thoroughly depleted that wireless charging can’t accompany it aback to life.

Trickle charging aloof won’t cut it

Native Union Drop Wireless Charger with iPhone X.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I’m accusable of this behavior: I’ll again grab my earbuds from their case day afterwards day, after a anticipation for the accompaniment of the case’s battery. Sooner or later, I end up with asleep wireless earbuds appropriate back I charge them, and that’s back I apprehend I haven’t answerable the case in canicule or maybe weeks.

I’m additionally accusable of addition behavior: I bung my wireless charging pads into the abutting USB charging port, alike if that anchorage is bartering far beneath than the recommended amperage. Maybe you do this, too? The affair is, the charging pad doesn’t care. If you accord it aloof a crawl of power, it will accord your accessories a commensurable aggregate of power.

If your wireless charger is hobbled in this way, and you’re alone application it to top up your accessories — say your buzz is bottomward to 50% — this isn’t commonly a problem. It may booty hours to get aback to a abounding allegation (heck, it ability booty all night), but it will get there eventually.

A absolutely asleep accessory is addition story. Lithium-ion batteries, which ability around every baby accessory in our lives, absolutely don’t like actuality absolutely empty. (Or consistently kept at 100%, for that matter.) Their happiest accompaniment is anywhere amid 30% and 80% capacity. When a lithium-ion array empties out, you won’t necessarily be able to crawl allegation it aback to life, alike if you leave it on the charging pad for hours.

Go wired

A buzz charging the Apple AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C via Lightning cable.Zeke Jones / Digital Trends

In this situation, grab the charging cable that came with your earbuds (or a acceptable substitute), bung it into a USB charger with at atomic a 1A (one amp) rating, and affix it to your charging case. Nearly every USB charger will accept its best achievement (in volts and amps) printed on the anatomy (usually in a chantry admeasurement so baby you’ll charge a accumulative bottle to apprehend it). If you’re application a multiport charger, bethink that anniversary added affiliated accessory reduces the accessible cardinal of amps by half. A 2A charger with four ports will accord one accessory the abounding 2 amps, two accessories 1 amp each, and four accessories aloof 0.5 amps each, so you may appetite to unplug aggregate but your earbuds case.

Then delay for about two hours. By that time, the charging LED indicator on your case should be lit and it should be able-bodied on its way to actuality absolutely charged. Once it’s acceptable to go, you should accept no agitation accepting it to allegation wirelessly, alike on a charging pad that isn’t bartering a lot of juice. By the way, the aforementioned admonition should assignment for a buzz that refuses to allegation wirelessly.

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