Wordle Today: Wordle answer and hints for February 6

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Sam Hill

By Sam Hill February 6, 2024 8:48AM

We person nan solution to Wordle connected February 6, arsenic good arsenic immoderate adjuvant hints to thief you fig retired nan reply yourself, correct here. We’ve placed nan reply astatine nan bottommost of nan page, truthful we don’t ruin nan astonishment earlier you’ve had a chance to activity done nan clues. So let’s dive in, starting pinch a reminder of yesterday’s answer.

Yesterday’s Wordle answer

Let’s commencement by first reminding ourselves of yesterday’s Wordle reply for those caller to nan crippled aliases who don’t play it daily, which was “REPEL.” So we tin opportunity that nan Wordle reply coming decidedly isn’t that. Now, pinch that successful mind, possibly return different stab astatine it utilizing 1 of these Wordle starting words and circle backmost if you person nary luck.

Hints for today’s Wordle

Still can’t fig it out? We person today’s Wordle reply correct here, below. But first, 1 much thing: Let’s return a look astatine 3 hints that could thief you find nan solution, without giving it away, truthful there’s nary request to consciousness blameworthy astir keeping your streak live — you put successful immoderate work, aft all! Or conscionable support scrolling for nan answer.

  • Today’s Wordle starts pinch nan missive W.
  • Today’s Wordle uses 1 vowel.
  • Today’s Wordle is simply a pronoun utilized to inquire astir aliases bespeak a prime betwixt 2 aliases much things.
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Today’s Wordle answer

No luck? Don’t sweat it — you can’t get them all! If you conscionable want to spot today’s Wordle reply to proceed your streak, you tin find it below.

The reply to today’s Wordle is …


Today’s Wordle definition

And here’s what it means, according to our bully friend ChatGPT:

“Which” is simply a pronoun utilized to inquire astir aliases bespeak a prime betwixt 2 aliases much things aliases people. It is often utilized erstwhile location are aggregate options disposable and nan speaker wants to specify 1 aliases much of them. For example, “Which book do you prefer?” aliases “Which way should we take?”

Tips for tomorrow’s Wordle

It mightiness look for illustration Wordle is each luck, but location are a fewer bully practices you tin usage to thief get arsenic galore clues arsenic imaginable successful conscionable a fewer guesses, making it that overmuch much apt you tin fig retired nan last connection earlier you tally retired of tries. The astir important conjecture is your first, and nan instrumentality is to load up connected vowels (A, E, I, O, and U).

Some celebrated starting words group person had bully luck pinch are “adieu,” “media,” “arise,” and “radio.” Just make judge not to prime a connection pinch double letters, aliases you’re wasting precious guesses. The purpose present is to effort to fig retired which vowels nan enigma connection contains, past furniture successful communal consonants and adjacent successful from there.

Your 2nd word, assuming that nan first 1 gave you a bully jumping-off point, should statesman to thin much heavy connected communal consonants for illustration R, S, and T. More bully ones present we’ve seen are “stern,” “irate,” and “atone.” You ne'er want to reuse immoderate letters from a anterior information that showed up arsenic grey — you cognize they aren’t successful nan word.

Now that’s each solved and nan meaning is taken attraction of, and you’re equipped pinch immoderate tips to crush tomorrow’s Wordle, present are immoderate games for illustration Wordle you tin effort today.

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