World leaders ink AI safety pacts while Musk and Sunak engage in awkward bromance

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The UK authorities has announced a tech manufacture statement it claims will shape a scheme for AI information testing.

With various types of AI being routinely built into user and business-facing software, developers agreed that governments person a domiciled successful overseeing outer information testing of AI models. The move is designed to support way of frontier AI models sitting solely wrong corporations.

Australia, Canada, nan EU, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Korea person each signed up to nan agreement, though China – which is making immense investments successful AI – was not a signatory, though it did be this week's UK AI Safety Summit during which nan statement was made.

The governments besides declared a "shared ambition" to put successful nationalist assemblage capacity for testing and different information research, and to stock nan results pinch different nations. The thought is to laic nan groundwork for early world advancement connected AI information successful years to come, nan UK authorities said.

The AI testing agreement, which carries nary ineligible weight, followed nan Bletchley Declaration, named aft nan location of nan UK's pioneering Second World War code-breaking mission. Twenty-eight countries and nan EU signed up to nan ngo statement, aimed astatine mounting nan schedule for addressing AI risk. Included was a desire to place AI information issues of interest and build a "shared technological and evidence-based knowing of these risks."

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Bringing to a adjacent nan UK's AI Safety Summit yesterday was nan unedifying spectacle of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak interviewing tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, nan world's richest man.

Beginning pinch nauseating sycophancy, Sunak publication Musk a Bill Gates quote, saying location was nary 1 successful our clip who had done much to push nan boundaries of subject and invention than nan Tesla CEO. It's possibly a shame Musk doesn't look to stock nan aforesaid respect for Gates. Perhaps not.

The chat past dragged done early AIs needing an disconnected switch, and truthful on, but overall, Musk said AI would beryllium a bully thing, providing relationship and "a early of abundance, wherever location is nary scarcity of equipment and services."

Sky News TV journalist Sam Coates declared "it was each conscionable mad," involving 40 minutes of "softball questions" successful which Musk agreed to return questions from business leaders, but not journalists.

Coates said Sunak didn't spot Musk arsenic a governmental unit prone to voicing views connected Ukraine warfare and Gaza/Israel, pinch interests successful nan politically powerful Starlink outer system, and grounded to situation him. Instead, Sunak focused connected "selling Britain to this feline who is already nan richest man successful nan world" successful nan dream Musk's personage sheen mightiness swipe disconnected connected him. ®