X may train its AI models on your social media posts

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AI In brief X, nan societal media level formerly known arsenic Twitter, updated its privateness argumentation this week stating that it whitethorn train its AI models connected personification posts.

The caller argumentation is expected to travel into effect connected 29 September. "We whitethorn usage nan accusation we cod and publically disposable accusation to thief train our instrumentality learning aliases artificial intelligence models," nan institution said.

Owner and erstwhile CEO Elon Musk said that backstage data, specified arsenic matter successful nonstop messages, however, will not beryllium utilized to train its models. The alteration should travel arsenic nary surprise, Musk previously said that he planned to usage information from nan microblogging tract to thief researchers and engineers from his latest startup, xAI, to build caller products.

X charges different enterprises $42,000 for entree to its information via an API. In April, he threatened to writer Microsoft for allegedly "illegally utilizing Twitter data'' aft it reportedly removed X from its advertizing platforms owed to nan accrued fees. "They trained illegally utilizing Twitter data. Lawsuit time," Musk tweeted. 

AI pioneer Douglas Lenat dies astatine 72

Doug Lenat, a longtime machine subject interrogator and starring fig successful AI, has passed away.

Tributes poured successful online from academics and developers, who admired his intellect, awesome career, and tenacity to create artificial wide intelligence, package tin of reasoning.

In 1972, Lenat received his bachelor's degree successful Mathematics and Physics, and his master's degree successful Applied Mathematics from nan University of Pennsylvania. He went to Stanford University to complete his PhD, wherever he worked connected package tin of automatically penning machine programmes.

He later became an adjunct professor astatine Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University and was nan only personification to person served connected nan Scientific Advisory Boards of some Microsoft and Apple. In 1994, Lenat founded Cycorp, an AI institution focused connected instrumentality reasoning, wherever he worked until his death.

Lenat was a pioneer of neurosymbolic systems and tried to thatch machines to logic utilizing a operation of a knowledge guidelines and a reasoning engine. The strategy had a earthy connection interface and was utilized to powerfulness products that were sold to nan companies moving successful logistics and healthcare.

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AI21 Labs raises $155 cardinal successful Series C round

Large connection exemplary shaper AI21 Labs has raised $155 cardinal successful its latest Series C round, mounting its valuation astatine $1.4 billion. 

The Israeli startup is backed by task finance firms Walden Catalyst, Pitango, SCB10X, b2venture, Samsung Next, Google, Nvidia arsenic good arsenic its ain laminitis Amnon Shashua. 

Under AI21 Studio, nan institution offers API entree to its much wide ample connection exemplary Jurassic-2 and different systems that are designed to fulfil circumstantial tasks, for illustration summarisation aliases questions and answering. It has besides developed much consumer-focused devices for illustration Wordtune, which uses AI to make and edit passages of text.

AI21 Labs envisions combining neural networks pinch symbolic systems to tackle issues for illustration hallucination, a word utilized erstwhile models veer disconnected way and make mendacious information. "The existent information will substance nan maturation of nan institution to scope our extremity of processing nan adjacent level of AI pinch reasoning capabilities crossed aggregate domains," said laminitis and Chairman Amnon Shashua.

Co-CEOs Yoav Shoham and Ori Goshen said nan company's exertion provides "robustness, predictability and explainability" that is needed for enterprises to spot AI.

Gannet halts publication of AI-generated sports stories

US newspaper concatenation Gannett has paused publishing of AI-generated articles covering precocious schoolhouse sports games aft readers mocked nan writing.

Publishers are progressively turning to AI to churn copy. Unlike humans, machines tin activity tirelessly and much quickly. But they don't thin to beryllium amended journalists for respective reasons. The articles, written by Lede AI, a startup headquartered successful Ohio, for example, contained errors and overseas phrases that were conscionable bad.

One condemnation successful a communicative published successful The Columbus Dispatch shows nan instrumentality didn't moreover fuss entering nan squad names successful its penning template: "The Worthington Christian [[WINNING_TEAM_MASCOT]] defeated nan Westerville North [[LOSING_TEAM_MASCOT]] 2-1 successful an Ohio boys shot crippled connected Saturday," Axios reported. The mistakes were later corrected.

Another article described nan scoreboard of a shot crippled betwixt nan Wyoming Cowboys and Ross Rams arsenic being successful "hibernation successful nan 4th quarter." When different precocious schoolhouse squad made a comeback successful different game, Lede AI wrote that "[they had] avoided nan brakes and shifted into triumph gear," according to nan Washington Post.

The unspeakable penning was criticised online, and a Gannett spokesperson later confirmed that "this section AI sports effort is being paused." ®