X rival Threads could be about to get millions of more users

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Trevor Mogg

By Trevor Mogg December 14, 2023 11:40PM

A station connected Threads announcing nan motorboat of Threads successful nan EU.Meta

Threads — Meta’s rival to X, formerly Twitter — has conscionable launched successful nan European Union (EU), a marketplace pinch astir half a cardinal people.

The app launched successful nan U.S. to overmuch fanfare successful July, pinch Meta hoping to pull X users disillusioned pinch nan turbulence connected nan level since Elon Musk acquired it for $44 cardinal 14 months ago.

The app, which bears galore similarities to X successful some looks and usage, sewage disconnected to a flying commencement 5 months ago, picking up much than 100 cardinal users successful nan first week, though wrong a period much than half of those had stopped checking in, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Since then, Meta has been building retired Threads pinch caller features successful a bid to build up its community, and its presence successful Europe is judge to assistance its numbers and springiness Threads a much-needed boost.

Announcing nan EU launch, a Meta spokesperson said “significant improvements” had been made to nan app since it first landed complete nan summer, including nan summation of a web experience, a Following feed, an edit capability, hunt pinch keywords, tag topics, and more.

People tin motion up to Threads utilizing their Instagram floor plan for nan afloat experience. Those who take to usage Threads without a floor plan tin browse content, stock contented via nexus copying aliases level sharing, hunt for accounts, and study Threads content, but can’t interact pinch content.

It’s not clear why it’s taken Meta truthful agelong to motorboat Threads successful nan EU, though immoderate reports person suggested it whitethorn beryllium linked to stricter regulatory rules successful nan bloc regarding information usage and marketplace power by large firms. Allowing those successful nan EU to usage Threads without a floor plan seems to beryllium Meta’s measurement of satisfying EU regulators who person concerns astir Threads’ adjacent ties pinch Instagram.

It’ll beryllium absorbing to spot if Meta reveals successful nan coming days nan benignant of liking that Threads has received among folks successful nan EU, and really it affects its usage numbers globally. The buzz astir Threads was short-lived, and Meta now seems to beryllium playing nan agelong game. One thing’s for judge — it still has X successful its sights.

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