Xbox Partner Preview: how to watch and what to expect

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Microsoft will present a caller benignant of Xbox crippled showcase later this week. On October 25, nan first Xbox Partner Preview will return place. This isn’t a first-party crippled showcase, though; instead, nan Xbox Partner Preview will attraction connected third-party titles that will soon beryllium coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, for illustration Alan Wake 2 and Ark: Survival Ascended. We’ve rounded up everything intrigued fans would want to cognize astir nan Xbox Partner Preview here, from erstwhile and wherever it will aerial unrecorded to what games group should expect to look astatine nan show.

When is nan Xbox Partner Preview

Key creation for nan Xbox Partner PreviewMicrosoft

The Xbox Partner Preview originates astatine 10 a.m. PT connected October 25. The Xbox Wire post announcing nan arena says that nan showcase will characteristic astir 20 minutes of content, truthful you’ll only request to group speech a small spot of clip for it connected Wednesday.

How to watch nan Xbox Partner Preview

Microsoft plans to aerial nan Xbox Partner Preview connected its charismatic Xbox YouTube and Twitch channels. Microsoft besides plans to connection American Sign Language- and British Sign Language-supported livestreams, arsenic good arsenic subtitle support for a assortment of different languages.

What to expect from nan Xbox Partner Preview

 Infinite Wealth.Sega

Microsoft says its Xbox Partner Showcase will characteristic caller trailers and gameplay for a “mix of indie games and acquainted favorites from our third-party partners.” So, don’t expect this to beryllium arsenic large and bombastic arsenic June’s Xbox Games Showcase; instead, it will astir apt beryllium much successful statement pinch nan Partner Showcase Mini Directs that Nintendo occasionally holds.

The Xbox Wire station besides intelligibly outlines immoderate of what players should and shouldn’t expect. In position of featured games, nan Xbox Partner Preview will see gameplay from Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Ark: Survival Ascended, arsenic good arsenic caller trailers for Dungeons of Hinterberg, which comes retired adjacent year, and Alan Wake 2, which comes retired connected Friday. As for what group shouldn’t expect, a disclaimer connected Xbox Wire states that nan position “will not characteristic immoderate further news, crippled reveals, aliases Game Pass accusation related to the recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard King.”

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When is Xbox's Gamescom event?
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How to watch Xbox Gamescom
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What will we spot astatine Xbox Gamescom?
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What won't beryllium shown astatine Xbox Gamescom
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