Xbox will reveal its future in a podcast this week. Here’s how to tune in

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Key creation for nan February 15 Xbox podcastMicrosoft

The Official Xbox Podcast section dropping later this week is going to beryllium a large one. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, President of Game Content and Studios Matt Booty, and Xbox President Sarah Bond will yet reside rumors that person been tearing nan Xbox organization isolated for nan past week. After leaks and rumors indicating that titles for illustration Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, Starfield, and Indiana Jones and nan Great Circle would come to Nintendo Switch aliases PlayStation 5 began to circulate, group sewage very confused astir what this each intends for Xbox arsenic a level going forward.

Well, it’s clear that immoderate important strategical displacement is successful nan cards pursuing nan Activision Blizzard acquisition successful October 2023 and massive layoffs successful January 2024. During nan adjacent version of nan Xbox podcast, we’ll yet study what Microsoft’s existent scheme for Xbox really is. It’s a can’t-miss announcement for Xbox fans, truthful you’ll decidedly want to tune in. To help, we’ll fto you cognize precisely wherever and erstwhile you tin tune into nan Xbox Podcast.

When is nan Xbox business event?

Microsoft will merchandise nan adjacent section of nan Official Xbox Podcast astatine 12 p.m. PT connected Thursday, February 15. We don’t cognize really agelong this podcast aliases nan announcements wrong it will take. Historically, episodes of nan podcast person lasted anyplace betwixt 25 and 90 minutes

How to watch nan Xbox business event?

This update will beryllium disposable connected each of nan platforms nan Official Xbox Podcast typically airs on. If you want to watch it, you tin tune into nan video posted connected YouTube this Thursday. If you’re contented to conscionable listen, past you’ll beryllium capable to entree nan audio type of it connected Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Thankfully, being connected each of these platforms intends it will apt beryllium disposable to watch aliases perceive afterward if you can’t acquisition it live.

What to expect

“Hear from Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty arsenic they stock updates connected nan Xbox business,” nan tweet announcing Thursday’s podcast states. This follows a tweet from Phil Spencer past week stating that an impending announcement would see accusation “about our imagination for nan early of Xbox.”

Essentially, location are rather a fewer rumors astir Xbox games perchance coming to different platforms. We haven’t gotten an charismatic remark connected really precisely this factors into nan early of Xbox arsenic some a console hardware shaper and crippled publisher. After nan adjacent Official Xbox Podcast, we’ll hopefully person overmuch clearer details.

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