Xbox Year in Review 2023 is live: here’s how to see your stats

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Xbox's Year successful Review 2023 has yet landed, bringing players a bevy of accusation astir their playing habits and accomplishments complete nan past year. If you're funny astir your wide earned achievements, really galore hours you played, aliases which genres dominated your playtime, you won't want to miss nan breathtaking opportunity to cheque it each out. In this little guide, we'll capable you successful connected everything you request to cognize astir accessing your Xbox Year successful Review, arsenic good arsenic really to stock your stats pinch friends.

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How to position and stock your Xbox Year successful Review 2023 stats

When you're fresh to spot your Xbox Year successful Review 2023 stats, travel these instructions.

Step 1: Open nan Xbox Year successful Review website.

Step 2: Log successful to your Xbox account.

Step 3: Scroll done your stats, which will see your full playtime, most-played games, and more.

Step 4: Share your accomplishments pinch others by clicking nan "Share" fastener conscionable supra your stats.

Note that this appears to beryllium bugged successful immoderate measurement currently. In our testing, we've recovered that nan action disappears from clip to time. If you're experiencing that, effort refreshing nan page aliases re-logging in.

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