Yes, Paul Mescal was in The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables

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The Phantom stands complete Christine successful The Phantom of nan Opera.Maynooth Post Primary School

At only 27, Mescal has built an awesome resume that includes a streaming tv sensation, Normal People, which netted him an Emmy Award information for Best Actor successful a Limited Series; breakout indie hits for illustration The Lost Daughter and Aftersun, nan second of which nabbed him his for Academy Award information for Best Actor; and a lead domiciled successful Ridley Scott’s upcoming sequel to nan 2000 blockbuster Gladiator, nan aptly titled Gladiator 2.

Oh, and he was besides successful nan champion movie of past year, All of Us Strangers, and recovered clip to prima successful a critically acclaimed revival of A Streetcar Named Desire connected nan London West End stage. He’s besides a darling of nan net and has been nan taxable of several viral memes involving his sausages and short shorts. (Don’t ask.)

Paul Mescal stands successful a room successful All of Us Strangers.Fox Searchlight

You’d deliberation by now, nan nationalist would cognize everything location is to cognize astir nan young Irish star. Well, you’d beryllium wrong; astatine least, I was incorrect since I stumbled upon a bizarre factoid that sent maine racing to YouTube to find nan grounds to backmost it up. Did you cognize that Paul Mescal starred successful The Phantom of nan Opera and Les Misérables? Yes, that’s right, nan poster boy for sad bois everywhere, nan acclaimed character known for his superior dramas, was successful 2 musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Claude-Michel Schönberg, respectively.

Before you spell to IMDb and hunt furiously for these credits successful Mescal’s filmography, relax; they aren’t there. Mescal didn’t prima successful nan celebrated characteristic movie versions of these classical musicals. (And honestly, would you want to spot him warbling adjacent to Emmy Rossum successful nan cheesy movie type of Phantom aliases singing off-key pinch Hugh Jackman successful Les Mis?) Like each of us, Mescal was erstwhile a fresh-faced student, and during his clip successful precocious schoolhouse and college, he starred successful schoolhouse productions of celebrated plays and musicals to amended hone his acting skills.

The first clip is from Les Misérables, which sees Mescal return connected nan domiciled of Javert, nan revenge-obsessed policeman retired to seizure Jean Valjean. The opus he sings is Stars, which is Javert’s large number successful nan show, and gives Mescal a chance to really loop it out.

It’s difficult to show that it’s really Mescal nether each that makeup, but it is, and he does a decent job! He’s surely amended than Russell Crowe, who played nan portion successful nan movie, and played it badly.

Mescal had a much iconic domiciled successful The Phantom of nan Opera, playing nan titular characteristic complete pinch a flowing achromatic cape and a somewhat askew ivory mask. The video beneath is nan complete Maynooth Post Primary School accumulation of Phantom, truthful if you want to get to nan bully stuff, conscionable jump to nan 35:30-minute people to perceive Mescal singing Music of nan Night. The audio isn’t rather synched to nan video, truthful carnivore that erstwhile watching.

The Phantom of nan Opera - Maynooth Post Primary School Musical

Yes, nan opus and accumulation are campy and cheesy, but that’s what makes Phantom truthful great, and it’s genuinely awesome to spot Mescal springiness it everything he’s sewage pinch nan aforesaid strength he displayed successful Aftersun. These past performances show that 1 of Hollywood’s astir promising actors is astatine location singing show tunes conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic he is winning hearts and shedding immoderate tears successful dramas astir nan loneliness of modern life. If I person 1 portion of proposal for Paul, it’s this: Stay distant from Cats. Please.

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