You Asked: Do perfect LCD panels exist?

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In this copy of You Asked: Are there any absolute LCD panels, and what’s an able akin of imperfection? Also, we’ll pit 8-bit additional FRC against accurate 10-bit, acquaint you if you charge HDMI 2.1 for Dolby Vision, and advice you accept Samsung soundbar archetypal codes.

LCD console uniformity

TCL Q7 TV reviewChris Hagan / Digital Trends

Gary Scott writes: I was apprehensive if you could booty a attending at the pictures of my awning and accord me your thoughts on uniformity, etc. There seems to be an odd cast at the edges.

I looked at the submitted photos and saw tinting about the edges, which is appealing typical. Usually, slight concealment will be added arresting at the corners. LCD console accord has never been perfect, and alike the actual best will appearance that affectionate of binding tinting. Based on what I could see in the photos, I’d say that, overall, it was a actual apple-pie panel. I’d apparently accord it an A+ for an LCD TV.

If it were OLED, I’d apprehend better, but for an LCD-based TV, castigation looks actual apple-pie all-embracing with basal bedraggled awning effect. Thankfully, this shouldn’t be apparent during accustomed examination situations, save actual specific instances. For example, you may apprehension it hardly back watching golf or ice hockey. Those are the times back you accept huge patches of mostly compatible color.

Of course, I’m aloof attractive at photos, which may abbreviate the effect. It’s adamantine to acquaint if it is added astringent than what I see in the photos.

Frame amount control

LG G3LG’s G3 OLED appearance a 10-bit panel Zeke Jones/Digital Trends / .

Josh Collins writes: I was apprehensive about what in the apple anatomy amount ascendancy (FRC) is. I can’t acquisition any acceptable explanations beyond. “You won’t apprehension the difference.”

When attractive at TVs and computer monitors, you’ll usually see FRC in the ambience of the console description. You may see that a TV has an 8-bit panel, an 8-bit with FRC, or a 10-bit panel. The FRC stands for anatomy amount control. So , what’s the aberration amid a 10-bit console and an 8-bit additional FRC panel?

Taking a footfall back, the 8-bit and 10-bit, in this case, refers to how abounding colors the TV or adviser can display. An 8-bit console can affectation a little over 16 actor colors, and a 10-bit console can affectation a little over a billion colors. So, not a baby difference.

HDR requires that a affectation awning added than the 16 actor colors that an 8-bit console is bound to. So, for HDR, you appetite either a 10-bit panel, or 8-bit with FRC. Here’s the aberration from a abstruse standpoint:

A 10-bit console can affectation any of those 1 billion-plus colors from any of its pixels at any moment and at any brace rate. So, it doesn’t amount if you’re watching 24 frames-per-second (fps) blur content, 30Hz or 60Hz TV content, or 120Hz bold agreeable — the 10-bit console can appearance any of those 1 billion-plus colors at the bead of a hat.

An 8-bit additional FRC console can additionally awning all 1 billion additional colors, but it does so by assuming two altered colors in accelerated succession. This action is additionally alleged dithering.

So, if we accept a pixel on an 8-bit console with FRC, and that pixel needs to affectation a adumbration of red that is above the affectation capabilities because it lives in that 10-bit blush space, the 8-bit console will use frame-rate ascendancy to about-face amid two shades of red so fast that your eye perceives it as the advised 10-bit adumbration of red. It is abstruse trickery, and it works great. There is alone one caveat: an 8-bit + FRC console has to use the brace amount of the TV to cull this off. So, you could run into situations area conceivably you appetite ultra-high anatomy amount agreeable and 10-bit blush reproduction, and that aloof wouldn’t be possible. But I’m talking about aggravating to get 240Hz brace ante with 10-bit blush at the aforementioned time. How generally do you charge that? Well, if you do, again get a 10-bit built-in panel. Otherwise, don’t anguish about it.

Dolby Vision HDMI ports

Sony Bravia X95K hdmi ports.Sony X95K Dan Baker / Digital Trends

Alex Padilla writes: What access would you acclaim to advance the Dolby Vision functionality of my AppleTV 4K AND Panasonic UB820, accustomed that my X95K has 2 HDMI ports that abutment Dolby Vision, one actuality eARC/ARC? I’m careful of application an HDMI Female to Male “Y Cable.”

The access I acclaim is to banish from your apperception the abstraction that alone two of your HDMI ports abutment Dolby Vision. All four of your Sony X95K inputs abutment Dolby Vision. You aloof may charge to go into the TV’s card arrangement and acquaint the TV to accredit Dolby Vision for the HDMI anchorage you appetite to use. I’m activity to acquaint you how to do absolutely that. But first, in an accomplishment to advice as abounding association as I can about this, I appetite to accomplish it bright to anybody that you do not charge HDMI 2.1 to adore Dolby Vision. (According to Google, this is a frequently searched question.) You do charge an HDR-capable TV that supports Dolby Vision, but I can’t anamnesis a TV I’ve advised in the aftermost four or bristles years that alone accurate Dolby Vision on aloof some of its HDMI ports.

You may, however, accept to manually accredit 4K HDR for your HDMI ports. This is frequently done automatically these days. You accelerate the TV an HDR arresting and it goes, “Ah, OK. We charge to go to accredit 4K HDR,” and it will aloof do it and affectation a bulletin that it is accomplishing so.

On some Sony TVs, however, you may accept to accredit what Sony calls “Enhanced HDMI manually,” and this is area you ability accept gotten abashed if the abashing didn’t aloof axis from cerebration you bare HDMI 2.1 for Dolby Vision.

Here’s how you do it, and I’ll explain why this can be ambagious for everyone. Select the Settings button on your remote, or baddest the Settings cog in the upper-left of your screen. From there, go to Channels and inputs, and again baddest External inputs. Scroll bottomward and baddest HDMI arresting format. Now, on the X95K, you will see four options: Standard format, Enhanced Format, Enhanced Format (Dolby Vision), and Enhanced Format (VRR). This is how it starts accepting confusing; you will alone see Enhanced Format Dolby Vision and Enhanced Format VRR as options for two of your HDMI ports. That’s because those are the HDMI 2.1 ports and because back application those ports, you can accept Dolby Vision or you can accept VRR. But you cannot accept both, so Sony makes it bright that you are allotment one or the other. However, in accomplishing things this way, it ability accomplish you anticipate the added two ports, which aloof accept added format, won’t do Dolby Vision. And that’s aloof not the case. Selecting Enhanced Format will get you Dolby Vision on those ports.

No admiration Sony afflicted this in 2023 TVs.

Connect your Blu-ray and Apple TV to HDMI 1, 2, or 4 — abrogation your eARC anchorage accessible — and aloof about-face on the added architecture for the HDMI ports that you appetite to use for HDR. You will again get the Dolby Vision you want, need, and deserve.

Samsung soundbar archetypal numbers

Samsung HW-Q600CSamsung HW-Q600C Samsung

Neman from Germany asks: I appetite to buy a Samsung HW-Q600C. (?), but the botheration is I am abashed by the altered names they have.

Samsung HW-Q600C
Samsung HW-Q600B
Samsung HW-Q610B
Samsung HW-Q610B/ZG

How can I accept the differences amid these kinds of naming? What is the aberration amid these models? In your opinion, which one delivers a bigger complete quality?

The aboriginal one listed, the Samsung Q600C, is a 2023 model. The added three are 2022 models, and all three are about the same, but targeted at altered regions or countries on our admirable planet.

In Samsung’s allotment convention, the numbers afterwards the Q accredit to the series. In this case, you’re attractive at the 600 alternation soundbars. The letter that follows references the archetypal year. A is for 2021, B is for 2022, and C is for 2023.

As you can see, options two, three, and four that you accept listed are all 600 alternation soundbars from the archetypal year 2022. I anticipate 600 is acclimated in the U.S., and 610 in the U.K. and acceptable added genitalia of Europe. That ZG is a catchy one, though. That is like a country subcode. It doesn’t matter, though, because the Q600B or 610B will be the same.

As for the aberration amid the Q600B and the latest Q600C? Well, technically, I can’t acquisition any easily. The Q600C may abutment Linear PCM if you capital to accelerate it an already decoded arresting for some reason. But I anticipate the alone allusive aberration is activity to be the amount back the 2022 models are discontinued and a bit older, so they will be beneath expensive. If you can acquisition a aboriginal 2022 archetypal from an accustomed banker so the assurance is intact, you ability as able-bodied buy that one — that’s the “B” model. If not, the “C” archetypal should be calmly available, but I wouldn’t apprehend bigger achievement from it.

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