You Asked: VR home theater, universal remotes, and Dolby Atmos music

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In this installment of You Asked: How tin you find if you’re getting 4K aliases HDR connected your TV? Why is Dolby Atmos euphony truthful difficult to get? Are location immoderate decent Universal remotes anymore?

Remote shortcuts for input formats

The image mode settings paper connected a Sony TV.Digital Trends

John Engstrom writes: Just sewage a Sony X90L and was wondering really to get nan TV to show maine nan solution and nan format of nan input awesome (HDMI aliases streaming app). Is location a fastener connected nan distant that will show maine that info, aliases perchance location successful nan menu? I haven’t recovered it yet, but it seems for illustration it has to beryllium location somewhere.

You would deliberation that fastener aliases paper point exists because those kinds of buttons and info screens utilized to beryllium reasonably common! But to nan champion of my knowledge, it does not. At slightest not connected Sony TVs. And honestly, anecdotally, I consciousness for illustration astir TV manufacturers person stopped making that benignant of accusation disposable — aliases if they do, it’s buried heavy successful a paper somewhere.

As pinch each things tech, though, location sometimes are hacks we tin usage to fig it out. Or astatine slightest springiness ourselves immoderate assurances that we’re getting nan awesome we want. One of them involves having an AV receiver that sounds nan EDID — that’s short for extended show recognition information — and provides that info. Or you could walk thousands connected devices for illustration nan ones Murideo makes for video professionals. I’m assuming you’re not willing successful immoderate of that.

So, for nan format — SDR, HDR, HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision — nan champion measurement to find retired what you’re getting is to click nan Wrench icon connected your Sony remote, past click Picture and sound, scroll down to Picture and click that and past look successful nan precocious right. If it’s HDR, it will opportunity HDR; if it is Dolby Vision, it will opportunity truthful up there. If it’s SDR, it will opportunity nothing.

As for resolution, I don’t person thing for you there. If you’re connected YouTube, you tin cheque nan solution and moreover unit it to nan 1 you want by clicking up, past connected nan settings cog icon, and selecting nan resolution. Then, location are nan stats for nan nerds section, which is besides disposable connected YouTube TV and tin beryllium accessed if you scroll down a spot further. This will show you nan resolution, nan codec successful use, nan colour space, your relationship speed, etc.

Sometimes, apps will springiness you immoderate power complete nan default video solution you get. For instance, you tin motion into your Netflix relationship connected its website, click Account, click connected your Profile icon, past scroll down to Playback settings, and take High (as opposed to Auto). This makes it truthful you whitethorn get immoderate buffering astatine first, but Netflix will play astatine nan highest disposable quality. (Assuming you person nan scheme that supports 4K.) It’s not a awesome thought if you person bandwidth caps. And often, 1080p HDR tin beryllium indiscernible from 4K HDR erstwhile each different factors are equal. But I digress — each streaming work is different.

But this reminds maine of thing I really for illustration astir LG’s TVs: They person a schematic that pops up erstwhile you commencement watching contented that tells you rather intelligibly what nan format is, moreover if it doesn’t show you nan resolution. TCL does so, too.

Anyway, I dream that is of immoderate help. I’ve reached retired to Sony to find retired if it will stock immoderate concealed tips connected really to entree this info connected its modern TVs. I’ll update this station if I get a response.

Why is it truthful difficult to get Atmos music

An accusation chyron showing a opus title and medium accusation shown connected nan vessel near of a TV. Digital Trends

Richie writes: I precocious bought an Onkyo AVR and immoderate caller ceiling speakers, and I thought I could beryllium up and moving pinch Dolby Atmos music. But it wasn’t that easy. I thought because my receiver has Tidal built in, it would activity easily. But, no. I person a Roku Ultra pinch nan Tidal app, and it won’t work. Long communicative short, I had to bargain an Apple TV successful bid to get Dolby Atmos euphony to work! Why is it truthful difficult to get Dolby Atmos euphony to work? Especially since Dolby Atmos support seems to beryllium everywhere! I consciousness for illustration pinch telephone “casting” and Airplay, it should beryllium easy.

What’s nan woody pinch Atmos euphony being truthful difficult to perceive to?

What tin I opportunity but I know, right? It’s benignant of ridiculous. Apple, Tidal, and Amazon Music Unlimited each connection Atmos Music arsenic a feature. You would deliberation immoderate instrumentality pinch apps for those services would connection nan afloat suite of features. But they don’t. Not moreover close. I tin understand if, say, nan Tidal app successful an AV receiver is conscionable not powerful capable to beryllium coded to coordinate pinch Tidal successful a measurement that authorizes and receives nan Atmos Music encoded stream. OK. But, erstwhile you’re talking astir Roku and Google TV/Android TV platforms, wherever nan devices that tally those platforms are ace powerful, I deliberation it should beryllium a no-brainer.

I deliberation nan logic why, say, nan Tidal app connected Roku doesn’t activity for Atmos euphony is astir apt a small different from why nan Tidal App connected an Amazon Fire TV Cube mightiness not work. I tin besides spot Amazon keeping its champion features for its ain hardware. But astatine nan extremity of nan day, arsenic consumers, we don’t care, right?

This is 1 much logic I urge the Apple TV box. It is, consistently, nan 1 instrumentality and level wherever nan astir magnitude of worldly just works. It requires nan slightest magnitude of workarounds. It’s conscionable nan safest bet. And I deliberation each that counts for a batch successful nan user electronics market. (It’s besides not that overmuch much costly than nan different manufacturers’ apical products.) If you tin get Atmos euphony complete Wi-Fi utilizing nan Sonos app controlling a Sonos Atmos sound system, but you can’t get nan aforesaid acquisition utilizing a Samsung Atmos soundbar pinch a Samsung TV without jumping done a bunch of hoops — well, I tin understand why folks mightiness salary much for Sonos. I deliberation folks are consenting to salary a premium for less hoops, less questions, and less frustrations.

Anyway, I’m sorry getting Dolby Atmos euphony is hard. And I deliberation it is dumb erstwhile getting Dolby Atmos for movies and TVs is, astatine slightest comparatively speaking, truthful incredibly easy now. It’s stupid, and I dislike it, too.

Is VR nan location theatre of nan future?

A man sits connected a sofa wearing an Apple Vision Pro utilizing it arsenic a location theatre device. Apple

Chad asks: What are nan pros and cons of utilizing an Apple Vision Pro arsenic a location movie theatre alternatively of buying a ample projector, Dolby situation sound, etc? Is it imaginable that this is nan location theatre of nan future? Can this attack beryllium cheaper and amended value than what nan accepted location movie theatre offers?

I deliberation nan Apple Vision Pro will supply astonishing image quality. I mean, if nan pixel density is right, we’re talking astir close-range video wherever nary ray strength is mislaid complete agelong distances and perfectly controlled ambient ray levels. In different words, full darkness. So, nan Vision Pro could connection nan eventual HDR video experience. And done noise-canceling, computational audio-enabled Apple Airpods Pro aliases AirPods Max, we already cognize we tin get an unthinkable Dolby Atmos and spatial audio experience. The value will astir apt beryllium outstanding.

Here’s nan thing, though. This is nan 1 point that will forestall nan Apple Vision Pro from ever meaningfully competing pinch a location intermezo space. That small Apple Vision Pro location theater? It’s a theatre for one. You’re each by yourself.

Now, there’s thing incorrect pinch enjoying contented connected your own! In fact, it sounds awesome successful immoderate instances. But, conscionable for illustration watching a large sporting arena pinch friends aliases successful a crowd is often much breathtaking and, to some, much meaningful than watching alone, truthful excessively is watching movies and TV. There’s thing awesome astir experiencing a movie together pinch friends aliases family. Speaking personally, immoderate of my favourite life memories travel from those shared experiences.

Apple Vision Pro will ne'er beryllium capable to afloat switch those shared experiences. Sure, possibly you tin look to your near and correct and spot avatars aliases moreover real-life representations of your friends aliases family. Maybe you’ll moreover beryllium capable to perceive them if Apple integrates sound audio among participants — I’m betting it’ll do conscionable that. But that benignant of acquisition will ne'er beryllium nan aforesaid aliases arsenic meaningful arsenic watching nan aforesaid abstraction together.

So, a supplement to a accepted location intermezo rig? For sure. A replacement? No chance.

Universal remotes

A Yio distant held successful hand. Digital Trends

Ben writes: Are location immoderate cosmopolitan remotes you urge to power each nan devices successful a setup, specified arsenic an AVR, TV, Blu-Ray player, and Apple TV? I look to callback them being reasonably celebrated a mates of years ago, moreover being tin of controlling smart TVs and smart devices for illustration nan Apple TV 4K. In your opinion, is location immoderate bully measurement to get astir nan rigamarole of juggling 3 different remotes conscionable to watch 1 show, aliases is that a mislaid battle?

Frankly, I americium not alert of immoderate decent cosmopolitan remotes. However, location is simply a Kickstarter task by Martin Borzak, which he calls Yio. Please statement that I americium not endorsing this until I person vetted it further.

Nobody has swooped successful to capable nan void that Logitech near erstwhile nan Harmony cosmopolitan remotes were discontinued. Yes, immoderate slayer remotes are disposable for integrated systems, for illustration those made by Control4, Savant, Crestron, etc. But consumer-level remotes for illustration nan Harmony marque nary longer exist. I mean, Wirecutter’s apical prime is nan Sofabaton, and that’s number 1 retired of 2 remotes, which I deliberation tells america plenty.

Why did Logitech get retired of Universal Remotes? I’ll ask. Logitech has office crossed nan stream from maine for its UE division. But I fishy it is because income declined arsenic HDMI CEC implementation — moreover though it is buggy and problematic — allows america to power aggregate devices pinch 1 remote. I tin power a TV, Blu-ray player, Apple TV, and moreover immoderate PS5 features pinch 1 distant conscionable done HDMI CEC.

I deliberation this pushed cosmopolitan remotes to nan margins. Once again, we enthusiasts find nan big-box user electronics abstraction a very lonely 1 indeed. Which, if I had to guess, is why Marton Borzak is doing his thing.

TVs pinch built-in Dolby Atmos speakers

The rear sheet speakers connected an LG C3 OLED TV. LG C3 OLED Speakers Zeke Jones / Digital Trends

Jaimi Martinez Gomez writes: I went to a store, and nan feline astatine nan shop told maine that nan LG C3 has Dolby Atmos Built speakers, and erstwhile I heard it, it didn’t sound precisely arsenic Dolby Atmos. I conscionable want to cognize if they are telling maine nan truth aliases if there’s immoderate TV pinch Dolby Atmos built-in speakers.

Because I besides had nan opportunity to effort nan A80L and nan acoustic aboveground audio was amazing, but I deliberation that it isn’t Dolby Atmos either.

Here’s nan deal: Dolby has decided to licence nan Dolby Atmos sanction to technologies that, successful my opinion, do not really present what I deliberation astir folks acquainted pinch Dolby Atmos are expecting. I emotion Dolby. I emotion nan group there. I emotion Dolby Atmos. I emotion Dolby Atmos Music. I person immoderate really awesome things to opportunity astir Dolby Flex Connect successful a station coming retired soon.

But (and I understand this is possibly a smart business decision) I hate, hate, hate that Dolby Atmos arsenic a exertion and marque has been truthful watered down to nan constituent that a TV pinch immoderate tiny, dinky speakers that don’t really present thing remotely adjacent to high-quality sound is getting nan Dolby Atmos badge. I mean, telephone it Dolby Audio aliases thing else. Dolby is still a flex successful nan audio world. You tin convey this TV has amended than mean sound value by saying it has Dolby on-board sound. You don’t person to usage Dolby Atmos for that.

If it were up to maine — and Dolby is astir apt conscionable good pinch it not being up to maine — I would not slap nan Dolby Atmos badge connected immoderate TV extracurricular of conscionable advertizing that it supports Dolby Atmos. Saying nan speakers built into immoderate TV present a meaningful Dolby Atmos acquisition is, I think, disingenuous and weakens nan brand.

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