You can use Microsoft Teams to send text messages. Here’s how

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Microsoft said that Teams has accustomed a ground-up redesign, which will “empower barter to cross the challenges of the evolving avant-garde workplace.”Microsoft

Using Microsoft Teams to allocution with your colleagues is appealing simple acknowledgment to the complete babble feature. You can babble with your teammates, allotment documents, and alike admit articulation calls if and back you charge them.

Its antecedent architecture focused on communicating amid aggregation members, appropriately the name, however, actuality able to allocution with added businesses or audience can be bound with Microsoft Teams. Now, acknowledgment to a contempo update, you can allure bodies via SMS on Microsoft Teams for free. In fact, you can alpha an SMS chat with participants in assorted countries, including Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Great Britain, India, Mexico, and the U.S.

How to accelerate an SMS in Teams

Starting an SMS chat is absolutely simple:

  1. Select New Chat in Microsoft Teams.
  2. Enter the participant’s blast cardinal you appetite to accelerate an SMS to in the To: field.
  3. Enter the participant’s name in the Add acquaintance name field.
  4. Send your aboriginal bulletin to actualize the one-to-one SMS chat.

The actor you’re sending the SMS to will accept an SMS from Microsoft Teams. This will announce to them that you appetite to chat. If they appetite to accept, they can bang the articulation in the SMS to accompany Teams via the app.

How to alpha accumulation SMS chats in Teams

As able-bodied as starting alone SMS chats, you can allure assorted participants to an SMS accumulation chat. In fact, the action is absolutely agnate to starting a accumulation babble on WhatsApp or Messenger.

  1. Select New Chat in Microsoft Teams.
  2. Select the New accumulation babble option.
  3. You can booty or add a photo to administer to the group. When you’re done, selectNext.
  4. Enter the participant’s blast cardinal that you appetite to add to the accumulation in the To: field.
  5. Enter the participant’s name in the Add acquaintance name field.
  6. Repeat the aloft accomplish to add added associates to the chat.

To accomplishment creating a accumulation SMS babble in Microsoft Teams, artlessly accelerate a bulletin in the chat. All of the arrive SMS participants will accept an SMS from Microsoft allegorical them that they accept been added to the accumulation chat.

If you accept an absolute accumulation babble that you appetite to add added participants to, you can do this by beat on the accumulation chat’s name and again selecting the advantage to Add people.

How to articulation your Android buzz in Teams

You can additionally articulation your Android accessory to Microsoft Teams, authoritative it easier to manage meetings and communications from one place. This will adduce your SMS messages, contacts, and Meet links in one easy-to-access place, rather than bouncing amid accessories and platforms.

  1. On your Windows 11 device, accessible Chat from the taskbar.
  2. Select What’s new and added at the top of the Chat window, again baddest Link your phone.
  3. When the QR cipher appears on your desktop, use your buzz to browse the QR code.
  4. Enter the analysis cipher that appears on your desktop and access it on your phone, followed by your Microsoft Account (MSA) password.

You’ll charge to access the permissions notifications on your Android accessory so Teams can acceptance appearance like SMS, contacts, etc.

Once you’ve affiliated your Android buzz in Teams, you can see SMS letters under Recent.

If you no best appetite your Android buzz affiliated in Teams, you can unlink it.

  1. On your Windows 11 device, accessible Chat from the taskbar.
  2. Select Open Teams.
  3. Navigate to More options at the top of the window and select Settings > Mobile device.
  4. Select the advantage to Disconnect SMS letters to unlink your Android accessory in Teams.

After abutting your Android buzz to Microsoft Teams application Link to Windows, you can acceptance your contacts easily. Here you can read, reply, and accept SMS notifications. This additionally enables you to actualize a Meet articulation so you can admit video chats, whether they are on Teams or not.

Third-party SMS solutions for Microsoft Teams

A screenshot of the Text Bot app featured in the Teams app store.Digital Trends

Rather than artlessly agreeable barter and colleagues to Teams via SMS, there are third-party apps like Text Bot that absolutely acquiesce you to text, SMS, and MMS into and out of Teams.

Text Bot allows you to accelerate letters that get delivered beeline to Teams. Any replies via argument will be apparent in Teams, and replies will be beatific to the argument number.

YakChat SMS is addition third-party app that allows you to accelerate and accept SMS letters from Teams and affix with all of your contacts.

You can download either of these apps by beat on the Apps card account in the aftereffect of Teams. From there, aloof acquisition the app and baddest Add to install it.

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