You need to watch this lost David Lynch masterpiece now

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A man's caput floats distant from his assemblage successful Welcome to nan Third Place.Sony

Movie fans everyplace cognize who David Lynch is. (And if you don’t, well, you’ve sewage problems.) Heck, moreover casual movie lovers tin singing galore of his celebrated works: nan seminal ’80s classical Blue Velvet; nan ABC bid Twin Peaks, which ruled popular civilization for a little clip successful 1990; and the original Dune, which is 1 of nan astir perplexing bombs of each time. Most group cognize what “Lynchian” intends and cognize what it stands for: bizarre imagery, dreamlike states, and narratives truthful opaque they are hardly location astatine all.

Lynch hasn’t made a communicative movie since 2006’s Inland Empire, truthful nan appetite for thing caller from nan seasoned filmmaker is stronger than ever. Maybe that’s why a “lost” activity by Lynch was precocious talked astir and shared wide connected Twitter. I usage nan word “lost” loosely present since it’s ever been floating successful nan integer ephemera, conscionable waiting to beryllium watched for nan first clip aliases nan fifth. And I besides usage nan connection “film” loosely, arsenic it’s not a feature-length movie but a 60-second commercialized for nan PlayStation 2.

PlayStation 2 advert: Welcome To The Third Space | 2000 | #20YearsOfPlay

Yes, that’s right, Lynch helped Sony waste PS2s successful 2000, and he did it pinch his trademark bizarre, faintly nightmarish style. In nan commercial, location are nary PS2s successful sight; instead, there’s simply a man stepping down a mysterious hallway who encounters different type of himself giving a thumbs-up motion (in an evident motion to Dale Cooper and Twin Peaks), a female floating successful outer abstraction telling him to beryllium quiet, and a elephantine talking duck (who spits retired nan sanction of nan commercial, Welcome to nan Third Place) and a mummy sitting connected a sofa pinch his doppelganger. Also, nan man’s caput besides floats distant from his body, reattaches itself, and past spits retired an arm. Hey, it happens.

What does this person to do pinch nan PlayStation 2? I honestly don’t know, isolated from possibly it promises nan PS2 tin carrier you to mysterious places for illustration Lynch does pinch each of his movies and short films. You person to springiness Sony in installments here; they fto Lynch tally his freak emblem pinch apparently nary restrictions, and arsenic nan BTS video beneath shows, nan head had a shot shooting it.

PS2 - The Making of The Third Place - David Lynch (2000)

Lynch made much commercials for Sony and different brands arsenic divers arsenic Gucci, Barilla Pasta, Alka-Seltzer, Honda, and nan American Cancer Society. Most of those are worthy search down and watching just to spot nan head return firm money and make his ain weird creation shorts that make nary consciousness whatsoever. As immoderate Lynch instrumentality knows, accepted narratives and easily-consumable imagery are overrated anyway.

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