You probably missed this underrated 2010 action movie. Here’s why you should watch it

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A man looks retired of a train model successful Unstoppable.20th Century Fox

In 2020, Quentin Tarantino revealed his apical choices for nan champion films of nan 2010s. Coming successful astatine number 1 was David Fincher’s The Social Network (via Premiere), pinch Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk in second. Considering those films mixed to triumph six Oscars, their inclusion connected nan database made sense. Tarantino amazed galore erstwhile he selected Unstoppable, Tony Scott’s 2010 thriller starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, arsenic nan last movie successful his champion of nan 2010s database connected an section of The Rewatchables.

Based connected nan real-life CSX 8888 incident, Unstoppable follows seasoned technologist Frank Barnes (The Equalizer 3‘s Washington) and caller conductor Will Colson (The Contractor’s Pine), 2 railroad workers tasked pinch stopping a train carrying toxic chemicals. Upon first watch, Unstoppable is a perfectly bully movie from a maestro successful nan action genre. But arsenic you rewatch nan film, you commencement to understand and work together pinch Tarantino. Unstoppable is a awesome film, acknowledgment to nan innate chemistry betwixt nan 2 leads and Scott’s terrific direction.

The 1-2 punch of Denzel Washington and Chris Pine

Two conductors run a train.20th Century Fox

I’m not breaking immoderate news by saying Washington is 1 of nan champion actors ever. The catalog of Washington’s movies you request to watch is excessively agelong to list, moreover though I’ll quickly mention Malcolm X, Training Day, Glory, and Flight as immoderate of his very best. As awesome arsenic Washington is arsenic a existent starring man, his champion activity often comes erstwhile he tin spell toe-to- toed pinch an character who tin lucifer his skill, intensity, and presence. Washington’s apical co-stars that travel to mind are Gene Hackman successful Crimson Tide, Ethan Hawke in Training Day, and Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.

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Pine whitethorn not beryllium arsenic talented arsenic an character arsenic nan 3 names listed above, but there’s nary uncertainty aft watching Unstoppable that he useful good pinch Washington. Pine is fantabulous arsenic nan young, arrogant hotshot forced to activity pinch Washington’s seasoned character. Pine looks and feels for illustration a movie prima successful each frame, and that’s a in installments to Scott. It’s akin to really a younger Washington was presented successful Crimson Tide, Denzel’s first collaboration pinch Scott, wherever he looked for illustration a existent action star. You believed Washington could compete pinch nan prima powerfulness of Hackman, conscionable for illustration you’re convinced Pine tin spar pinch Washington. Watch nan segment wherever Pine’s characteristic leaps backmost onto nan train and show maine that’s not a star-making moment.

Tony Scott’s ocular style connected afloat display

When it comes to action filmmaking, Scott is adjacent nan apical of nan list. Scott is not a cleanable filmmaker, but there’s an statement to beryllium made that he has 1 of nan astir satisfying filmographies of immoderate director. What do I mean by satisfying? The overwhelming mostly of Scott’s movies are highly entertaining, pinch breathtaking action group pieces and movie prima performances. Top Gun, Days of Thunder, True Romance, Enemy of nan State, Man connected Fire, etc. These are each effective action movies pinch redeeming qualities, moreover if they person immoderate insignificant imperfections.

Scott ne'er lets nan assemblage drawback tits activity successful Unstoppable. Once nan train starts rolling successful nan first scene, it only gets faster, arsenic nan 98-minute movie feels for illustration a sprint, not a marathon. As nan train gets faster, truthful do nan cuts and editing arsenic Scott implements his signature chaotic camera style. Just for illustration nan train, Scott’s camera ne'er stops moving. It besides wouldn’t beryllium a Scott movie without aerial footage, saturated colors, and precocious contrast.

A fitting tribute to a celebrated filmmaker

Two men guidelines connected nan backmost of a train successful Unstoppable.20th Century Fox

Unstoppable was nan past movie Scott directed earlier he died successful 2012. Scott ne'er mislaid his fastball successful his last outing, thing that can’t beryllium said for galore filmmakers. Scott plays nan hits of what made him 1 of nan champion popcorn board of nan past 40 years.

Since Unstoppable grossed $167 cardinal worldwide against a $100 cardinal budget, it’s unfair to opportunity it was underseen. Yet, Unstoppable feels underappreciated for wherever it falls successful nan rankings of films from Scott and performances by Washington and Pine. Is Unstoppable successful nan apical 5 films for Scott aliases Washington? Probably not. Is it toward nan apical for Pine? Possibly. Regardless of your rankings, Unstoppable is a terrific action movie from a filmmaker that’s profoundly missed.

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