YouTube TV laps the competition with 8 million subscribers

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YouTube TV connected Roku.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

If location ever was immoderate uncertainty which unrecorded streaming work was dominating successful nan U.S., it ends now. YouTube TV has much than 8 cardinal subscribers, according to a blog post penned by CEO Neal Mohan. That’s up from nan 5 cardinal subscribers nan work announced successful July 2022.

By comparison, Hulu With Live TV — nan second-biggest work — reported 4.6 cardinal subscribers arsenic of September 30, 2023, which marked nan extremity of genitor institution Disney’s fiscal year. YouTube’s genitor company, Google/Alphabet, doesn’t study subscription numbers pinch immoderate existent benignant of fidelity. “More than 8 million” is each we’re going to get. The caller numbers besides mean that YouTube TV has astir 4 times arsenic galore subscribers arsenic nan third-highest service, which is Sling TV, astatine conscionable complete 2 million.

The reasons for YouTube TV’s fame are myriad. Its value is comparable to its competitors — presently astatine $73 a period for its sole plan. And it has a beautiful patient unchangeable of add-on features, specified arsenic nan expertise to watch immoderate unrecorded shows and on-demand titles in 4K resolution. It besides allows for unlimited recording, a full of six abstracted profiles connected a azygous subscription — and it is easy to usage whether you’re watching connected a TV, tablet, aliases phone. YouTube TV has besides seen a beautiful awesome trading push successful nan past mates of years astatine high-profile events for illustration nan Major League Baseball World Series and nan NBA Finals.

Perfect for watching NFL, NBA, and more, you tin people 50% disconnected your first period of unrecorded TV pinch Sling TV.

Also bolstering nan numbers has been nan summation of NFL Sunday Ticket, which successful 2023 made nan leap from nan satellite-based DirecTV to YouTube TV, arsenic good arsenic YouTube Primetime Channels connected nan accepted YouTube app. Execs person said successful a mates of net calls that NFL Sunday Ticket has straight led to an summation successful subscribers. YouTube TV besides has a multiview feature, letting you watch aggregate games simultaneously. (It besides useful for news and upwind successful summation to sports.)

YouTube TV is disposable connected each awesome streaming platform, from Google TV and Android TV to Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. It’s besides disposable connected smartphones, tablets, and web browsers.

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