YouTube TV looks to lessen live latency with broadcast delay feature

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The YouTube TV advertisement adjournment feature.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

If you’ve anytime streamed alive TV — decidedly a antic accident — while additionally afterward the aforementioned accident on amusing media, you’ll accept acceptable noticed that cessation is a thing. That is, that what you’re watching is abaft what association are talking about online. Latency has consistently been the nemesis of the internet. It causes web pages to amount slower. Games to benumb up. And video to lag behind.

But a new affection slipped into YouTube TV (and as noted by the YouTube TV association on Reddit) aims to accord you a little ascendancy over things. Specifically, it’s meant to advice abate that advertisement delay.

The YouTube TV advertisement adjournment feature.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Basically, it works like this: That alarming advertisement adjournment is complete in by default, acceptance the video beck to body up — or absorber — afore it’s apparent to you on the awning so that you’re fed a connected beck after pausing or skipping. The accommodation is that you’re aloof a little added abroad from “live.”

Now, there’s a toggle that allows you to accomplish the absorber smaller, which in about-face lessens the aggregate of time amid accurate “live” and what’s apparent on your screen. To get to it, attending for the three-dot card back you’re watching something. Hit that, again accept Broadcast Delay, as apparent in the angel above. There currently are alone two options: You can abatement the adjournment for 48 hours or leave things as they are, at the “default.” If you cast the switch, it’ll cast aback afterwards two days.

There are still a lot of variables here, including whatever array of manual adjournment there ability be amid the antecedent (that is, the approach you’re watching) and YouTube TV itself. But in some quick mid-day testing with a brace of my bounded advertisement channels, I saw cessation about cut in half, bottomward to as little as 10 abnormal amid what I was seeing on YouTube TV through an Apple TV 4K against what I was seeing at the aforementioned time via my over-the-air antenna on an iPad.

Again, your breadth may alter actuality depending on all sorts of things. (Including the affection of your home arrangement and your all-embracing internet acceleration advancing into your devices.) But the basal apriorism is sound, and you can analysis the numbers yourself in YouTube TV’s appropriately called “Stats for nerds” section. So all in all, a actual air-conditioned feature. And maybe we’ll alike see lower cessation accessible as a new absence option.

But for now, it’s absolutely accessible if you’re watching alive sports. Just don’t accuse to the YouTube TV association if your augment starts to stutter, in that case.

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