YouTube TV still growing, Google says, on the back of NFL Sunday Ticket

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YouTube TV showing NFL games and bowling successful multiview.Not being capable to prime your ain games intends YouTube TV’s multiview could get you 2 NFL games (one twice) … and bowling. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

One of our favourite (and much annoying) games to play is “Which streaming work is nan biggest?” And for nan astir portion we thin to person beautiful beardown answers. YouTube TV is nan biggest, probably. It’s followed by Hulu With Live TV, past Sling TV. Then FuboTV. And DirecTV Stream is measurement astatine nan backmost of nan pack. Again, probably.

The hedging is because 3 of those providers springiness coagulated numbers each 3 months. One of them gives numbers whenever its firm overlords consciousness for illustration making a splash. And 1 doesn’t opportunity thing astatine all.

But we did get a very little glimpse down nan YouTube TV curtain successful Google’s (ahem, Alphabet’s) third-quarter net call. For immoderate context, nan past clip we sewage immoderate existent subscriber numbers for YouTube TV was in June 2022, erstwhile it said “we’re humbled that 5 cardinal of you are presently connected this travel pinch us.” That was 2 cardinal much than nan erstwhile clip it said thing astir numbers, which was successful October 2020.

Google has ne'er been much circumstantial than that, though. And it still didn’t today. We’ve agelong worried that possibly YouTube TV has really been shrinking successful nan interim, and we’d ne'er cognize it. But it looks for illustration that’s not nan case. (And, to beryllium honest, we haven’t been each that worried astir it.)

An NFL Sunday Ticket multiview action connected YouTube TV.The first play of NFL Sunday Ticket connected YouTube TV doesn’t let you to prime what games you watch successful multiview. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Ruth Porat, who serves arsenic president and Chief Investment Officer for Google successful summation to besides being nan CFO, noted that nan “other revenues” class was up 21 percent to $8.3 billion. She attributed “YouTube non-advertising gross driven by subscriber maturation successful YouTube TV, followed by YouTube Music Premium.” So YouTube TV is still growing. But by really much? We don’t know.

Philipp Schindler, Google’s Chief Business Officer, gave a small much colour connected nan authorities of YouTube TV during nan net telephone Q&A successful consequence to a mobility from Michael Nathanson, elder managing head astatine MoffitNathanson.

“I deliberation successful nan broader context,” Schindler said, “you person to look astatine [NFL Sunday Ticket] arsenic our wide YouTube subscription strategy. The awesome feedback we’ve gotten truthful acold connected nan YouTube acquisition is very, very significant. People emotion nan navigation. They emotion multiview. They emotion nan chats and nan polls and, and, frankly, group are very happy pinch nan deficiency of latency here.”

Schindler besides reiterated 1 of nan bigger requests nan institution has heard from customers — nan expertise to choose which games you tin watch successful multiview, alternatively of conscionable going pinch a fewer group options. Still nary connection connected whether that’ll travel to YouTube TV anytime soon. ESPN+ and Apple TV person their ain multiview options that let for it. On nan different hand, YouTube TV besides allows you to watch news channels successful multiview. For its part, Google has said that allowing spectator to prime their ain games is “a very difficult point to do technically.”

“Overall, nan teams are moving difficult to build a awesome experience,” Schindler said. “And we are really trying to enactment focused connected getting our first play correct and providing nan champion imaginable experience.”

So, again, we wait. We hold for existent subscriber numbers, and an improved multiview. No bets connected which will travel first.

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